The MyersBriggs Indicator Essay Research Paper The

9 September 2017

The Myers-Briggs Indicator Essay, Research Paper

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI, provides a utile method for understanding people by looking at eight personality penchants that all people use at different times. These eight penchants are organized into four dualities, each made up of a brace of opposite penchants. The four dualities describes four activities:

5 Energizing-how a individual is energized-either Extraversion ( E ) or Introversion ( I ) .

5 Perceiving-what a individual pays attending to-either Sensing ( S ) or Intuition ( N )

5 Deciding-how a individual decides-either Thinking ( T ) or Feeling ( F )

5 Living-the life style of a individual adopts- either Judging ( J ) or Perceiving ( P ) .

In understanding the MBTI consequences, a individual must retrieve that the


V describes instead than prescribes, and hence is used to open possibilities, non to restrict options,

V identifies penchants, non accomplishments, abilities, or competences,

V is good documented with 1000s of scientific surveies conducted during a 50 twelvemonth period,

V has ongoing research to back up

its applications.

This trial shows me that I am an extrospective, feeling, feeling, and judging individual. I agree that I am tactful, compassionate and orderly. I place a high value on harmonious relationships and bask forming people and undertakings to assist finish the undertakings at manus. Although, I am a small base backish in new societal scenes, I enjoy holding people around and working on squads. I besides like to utilize experience and standard ways to work out jobs. In the feeling facet I think that I let determinations be influenced by likes and disfavors. And, while judging, I decide rapidly in the desire for closing of any state of affairs.

Although any type could execute any function, each type tends to gravitate toward peculiar manners. I function best when I can follow a manner that allows me to show my ain penchants. When I am forced to utilize a manner over a long period of clip that doesn T allow for, or name upon my penchant, inefficiency and fire out may be the consequence. So, although I can follow a different manner when needed, and name upon different penchant when appropriate, I will lend most utilizing my ain penchants. The message this trial gave me was to travel with my strengths.

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