The Mystery of Atlantis

4 April 2015
This paper explores the myth of the city of Atlantis.

This paper examines the story of Atlantis, its myths, history, legends and literature. The paper focuses heavily on Plato and his account.
“The story of Atlantis has captivated the minds of humans for thousands of years. People from all walks of life have debated weather Atlantis really existed or weather it was just a story, nothing more. The myths and legends concerning Atlantis have come down through the centuries as one of the most enduring legends of all time. Thousands upon thousands of books have been written about weather Atlantis actually existed and there are even more secularization as to where Atlantis actually is. Some stories say that Atlantis was really the ancient land of Thera and the Minoan civilization, others insist that Atlantis was a gigantic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that sunk 9,000 years ago, and still others even believe that Atlantis flew off from the Earth and become the moon. It is no doubt that Atlantis actually existed. Almost every civilization has a myth that tells of an ancient, corrupt civilization that was punished and was swallowed by the sea.”
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