The Natural and the Social: Peter Winch and Bruno Latour

4 April 2015
This paper compares natural sciences to social sciences.

This paper compares the attitudes of philosophers Peter Winch and Bruno Latour to the study of the sciences – natural vs. social. Each philosopher published works on the topic and these are analyzed.

From the paper:

“What is natural and what is social in the sciences? Is there a divide between the two, where the natural sciences operate in the realm of objectivity, while the social sciences are a philosophic construction of man? There is a very old dispute in the social sciences about whether social inquiry is ?natural? or not. Naturalists hold that the methods of the natural sciences should be used by social scientists, to explain and predict human behavior, just as we explain and predict phenomena like mass and velocity? Or is social inquiry a separate endeavor that is essentially interpretive and philosophical?”

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