The Nature of Identity

4 April 2015
A discussion on identity – how it is formed and judged, with a focus on racial identity, gender identity and class identity.

This paper shows how a sense of identity is developed and how this identity is then judged by the individual to create their level of self-esteem. The paper examines the three aspects of race, class and gender, with a focus on how this impacts self-esteem and how it creates an individual’s identity.
Identity is a characteristic that defines a person and impacts everything they do, from the relationships they form, to the work they do and everything in between. Identity is the one characteristic of an individual that remains with them at all times, whether they are alone, socializing, working or with their families. Identity is a constant companion of an individual and determines how they see themselves and how they feel about themselves. This first part is self-image, the second part is self-esteem which is defined as one of the key components of an individuals personality (Seamon & Kenrick 398).

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