The Negative Effect of Television on Society

4 April 2015
A look at the negative impacts of T.V and the media on society.

This paper looks into stereotypes, biases, and prejudices on television and in other media sources. The author looks at how television has changed over the past decade, and its impact on society, especially children.
“In today’s ever diversifying society one detrimental problem that remains is that of stereotypes and biases. Do the people in our country need to see more negative portrayals than they already are? Within certain types of media, minorities and women are often times portrayed negatively. Within this research paper, two television shows will be analyzed in terms of age, race, gender, target audiences, socioeconomic differences, stereotypes and biases, clothing and presentation, and the role of characters. Aside from the characters in the television shows, products being advertised will also be evaluated. Often times an advertising company will choose a target audience and present the goods in a specific style, meaning the company will choose different age brackets, background voices, and special effects. Most importantly, the effect these shows have on children will be discussed. Children look at television characters as role models, and this research paper will test these programs to see if integrity and proper moral standards are displayed.”

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