The Negative Effects of Chewing Tobacco

Every year in America, there are approximately 146,023 people who chew tobacco that end up with cancer, according to mylastdip. com, a website committed to informing people of chewing tobacco. Those cancers include lip, mouth, throat, stomach, esophagus, pancreas, lung, trachea, and lastly, cancer of the bronchus. Chewing tobacco, also known as smokeless tobacco, is a term used to describe tobacco that is not burned or smoked. “Chewing tobacco is cut-leaf tobacco that must be chewed in order to get the flavor and nicotine. Chewing tobacco is sold loose in foil pouches or as plugs or twists,” says a reporter from mylastdip.

com. Chewing tobacco includes the following ingredients: Nicotine — addictive drug, insecticide Formaldehyde — embalming fluid Polonium 210 — nuclear waste Lead — nerve poison Hydrocarbons — car exhaust Cadmium — battery chemical Coumarin — a rat poison These all are harmful to the human body and There are two types of chewing tobacco, snuff and snus. Snuff is a finely grounded tobacco that is placed in the mouth between the cheek and the gum. Snus is a tobacco powder that is moist and is placed on the upper or lower lip. Both snuff and snus are placed in the mouth.

“Smokeless tobacco has been around for over four hundred years, and was first used by American Indians and was used as a medicine for sickness’, such as a headache or cough,” reported www. tobacco. com. “By the early 1700’s, chewing tobacco had been growing all over the world, especially in the Americas. ” By the 1800’s, smokeless tobacco was the most used form of tobacco used in America, until the 1900’s when the mass production of cigarettes came around. Who uses tobacco? It’s a reported 3. 3% (8. 6 million) of people in the United States aged twelve and older use smokeless tobacco.

There is an estimated 8% of American high school students that use smokeless tobacco. More men use smokeless tobacco than women. “Smokeless tobacco use is highest among young white males, American Indians/Alaskan Natives, people living in rural areas, and people living in the southern and north central states,” reported from cancer. gov. When I asked a sixty year old former smokeless tobacco user how old he was when he he took his first “dip” (the act in which you put chewing tobacco in your mouth) he replied, “I was about sixteen years old.

I only chewed for around four years. ” I then asked him how he quit after four years. His reply, “I swallowed so much of the sh*t it made me sick. ” Overall, chewing tobacco has effected over 100,000 people in the United States and has given them cancer. No matter where the smokeless tobacco is placed on the body, it can cause cancer on any part of the body. Most of all, it doesn’t matter your age, race or even color of hair, tobacco is highly addictive to everyone. Anyone can become addicted, don’t be the next.

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