The New Classic by Iggy Azalea

10 October 2019

Its been a while since this album was released but I’d certainly like to give my reviews about it. First things first, so I’ll talk about the first hit ‘Fancy’. Iggy Azalea’s rap is very good, along with CharliXCX’s “I’m so fancy” chorus. The tune is pretty good and you’ll surely love all the beats. Next I’d like to talk about ‘Black Widow’ featuring Rita Ora. The song is punchy and powerful with a lovely rythm. No wonder it was among the Top 10 on Billboard.

Feeling jumpy? Then ‘Bounce’ is just the song for you. Though it may not have been as much of a hit as the above mentioned songs, its pretty good enough to tap your feet to. The song was shot in Mumbai and being an Indian, I’m totally proud of all those moves that Iggy has done while wearing traditional Indian clothes.

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Next comes ‘Work’ which is – well, awesome. Iggy’s rapped about her struggle in this song, how she came to Miami from Australia when she was only 16. Its really good.

There are other songs too. ‘Impossible is Nothing’ is hope-instillling and good enough. Another notable song is ‘F**k Love’ which has a great line – “F**k love gimme diamonds, Am already in love with myself” with really fast paced beats. There are other songs like ‘Burgundy S***’ and ‘We in This B**ch’.

There are songs featuring T.I as well – ‘No Mediocre’, ‘Change Your Life’ and ‘Murda Bizness’. The album rocks. Its taken the world by storm and I must say, Iggy truly raps well……….

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