The New Femaleness

4 April 2015
This paper focuses on sexual harassment in the workplace.

This paper addresses sexual harassment of women in the workplace. The author discusses the argument that women who use the court system as an outlet for their harassment diminish the progress of women in the workplace and arouses angry feelings from male co-workers. The paper also examines the frustration and anger that harassed women feel, but also how lawsuits filed by these women are getting out of control.
From the Paper:

“A sincere compliment, a reassuring hug, a pat on the back, discussing the latest sex scandal, a dirty joke, a sexual invitation, can a woman draw the line between a comfortable working environment and a hostile one? Since the 1991 trial when law professor Anita Hill filed sexual harassment charges against her former boss, Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Clarence Thomas, sexual harassment lawsuits filed in the United States have averaged 18,000 per year.”

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