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Survey of American Literature

November 13, 1996


The eighteenth century Americans turned their dorsums on the old thoughts of the

Puritans. The Puritans believed in the population moving within the spiritual

ways of the times. The eighteenth century population turned their life styles to a

life style of self involvement. This life style was dedicated to the end of obtaining

wealth and prestigiousness among the community. DeCrevecouer writes:

He is arrived on a new continent ; a modern society offers itself to his

contemptation, different from what he had hitherto seen. It is non

composed, as in Europe, of great Godheads who possess every thing and of a

herd of people who have nil. Here are no blue households, no

tribunals, no male monarchs, no bishops, no ecclesiastical rule, no unseeable power

giving to a few a really seeable one ; no great makers using

1000s, no great polishs of luxury. The rich and the hapless are non so

far removed from each other as they are in Europe.

In the old female parent land, one could work all twenty-four hours and still non bring forth really

much. However, in the new land there was more chance for

entrepreneurship. This led to a addition in the self-interest rule and a

lessening in the rules of faith. In Old England, it

was believed that the

few that had the wealth were blessed. Even the King was viewed as the

Lord & # 8217 ; s represantive on Earth. In the new land one had to work to derive religion.

Wealth that the person created was viewed as being faithful to the Lord.

The new America gives birth to a true entrepreneurship among the races, if

they are traveling to hold anything at all they are traveling to hold to work for it.

DeCrevecouer explains this:

Work forces are like workss ; the goodness and spirit of the fruit returns

from the curious dirt and expounding in which they grow. We are nil

but what we derive from the air we breathe, the clime we inhabit, the

authorities we obey, the system of faith we profess, and the nature of

our employment

This was non the land where wealth would be left to you in a will, this was the

land of perspiration labour. This transition indicates that a adult male is merely every bit good as the

merchandise that he produces. This means the wealth that his piece of land of land

created. Furthermore, it holds intending for how is household was taking attention of.

Besides, the community enters the image here. If adult male is non active in his

community the community is nil. We are merely every bit good as what we put

in. The eighteenth century Americans moved to these rules of increasing self-

involvement and that has carried over to today.

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