The New Miley Cyrus by Miley Cyrus

8 August 2019

Miley Cyrus new song ‘Wrecking Ball” was a beautiful song.Her music video well thats a whole other story.Her video to me was a waste of 5 minutes.She ruined a perfect song with a horrifing video.In the music video she licks hammers and swings naked on a wrecking ball crying.Maybe its just me but honestly I just do not get the point of the video.In another video of hers “We Cant Stop” she is partying with friends and twerking the whole time,its unbearable! Miley has fans under 12 watching this.She is DEFINATELY not a good role model for kids.When I was younger I adored her,i bought EVERYTHING with her face on it,but now shes just… I dont even have words to describe her. Im actually scared to see what the next generation of kids is going to become.

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