The New Plague

4 April 2015
An examination of the increased concern for environmental pollution and reasons why.

A synthesis essay on the rise of toxic protists due to the increase in dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations from man-made pollution. Specific examples are used to illustrate this building environmental concern.
From the paper:

“”In the Rivers and Coastal Waters of America an Ancient and Deadly Organism, Reawakened by Man-Made Pollution, May Become the Ultimate Biological Threat” (Barker, cover). In 1984, a small herd of cows in Montana collapsed and died in ten minutes after drinking from a pond coated with a pea green film. In 1987, three people died and more than 100 became ill after eating blue mussels from Prince Edward Island. In 1996, 149 manatees perished mysteriously off the coast of Florida. Autopsies of these endangered marine mammals revealed biological poisons in their brains and other tissues.”

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