The New Teacher Education Curriculum

7 July 2016

Field study 2 is an integral part of the new teacher education curriculum. It is a course that focuses on the pre-service teacher’s observation of the mentor’s classroom management skills in the teaching-learning process when applied in the classroom. This one-unit course will enable the pre-service teachers to identify the various aspects of teaching, classroom management, and best practices/ techniques used by the cooperating teacher. These aspects and techniques will then be described by the PST through a narrative report reflected as journal entries.

These techniques in the teaching-learning process and classroom management will provide students with opportunities to examine their application in the teaching learning environment. Good’s Dictionary of Education defines classroom management as “the administration or direction of activities with special reference to such problem as discipline, democratic teaching learning techniques, the use and cares supplies and reference materials, the physical features of the classroom, general housekeeping and the social relationships of the learners. ”

The New Teacher Education Curriculum Essay Example

A well-managed classroom is conducive to mental growth and development of the learners’ skills in teaching. Learning becomes interesting and enjoyable under favorable working conditions and an organized classroom environment. Links to DepEd’s National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS): Domain 2- Learning Environment focuses on the ideal that teacher serve as positive and powerful role models of the values of the pursuit of learning of different kinds of the effort .

Conduct regular conference with cooperating teachers as regards to the performance and behavior of student teachers 3. Coordinate with the TEI supervisor of the student teachers See to it that student teachers are not allowed to substitute for teachers who are absent or on leave. COURSE DESCRIPTION Field Study 2 is the second in a series of six related field study courses. It is focused primarily on observing the teacher’s application of the teaching theories and principles and his/her classroom management skills in the learning environment.

It has special reference to aspects such as creating a conducive teaching-learning atmosphere, observing a child friendly school environment, discipline use and care of supplies and reference materials, the physical features of the classroom and general housekeeping. FS 2 is also concerned with the development of the pre-service teacher’s communication skills as he/she interacts with the buddy and cooperating teacher. This FS can be anchored on the following Professional Education subjects: Facilitating Learning, and Principles of Teaching 1 & 2. Course Objectives

This FS 2 aims to: 1. Provide Pre-service Students (PSTs) with opportunities to observe and examine the different classroom management techniques applicable in the learning environment. 2. Enrich PSTs knowledge of the teaching methods, strategies, learning activities and appropriate instructional materials used by teachers (mentors). 3. Reflect on the importance of a well-managed classroom in creating a conducive and healthy teaching-learning atmosphere. Develop PSTs communication skills as he/she interacts with the buddy and cooperating teacher.

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