The New York City Emergency Plan

4 April 2015
A paper which discusses the way the N.Y.C. Emergency plan should be revised after it was put to the test on September 11th.

The paper shows that currently the New York City Emergency Plan is solid and has been tested and re-tested many times over. The World Trade Tower bombing of September, 11, 2002 put the plan to the ultimate test. The paper discusses that, overall, the emergency plan worked very well, considering the size and scope of the emergency. However, it also brought out some areas in need of improvement. The paper shows that the key issues which need to be addressed are the need for secondary and tertiary backup plans for the command control center and hospital scheme. Also, it shows that it has become painstakingly clear, that even though the plan is in place, when the actual emergency occurred, police officers and other key authority figures did not know where to tell the public where to go or what to do. The paper discusses the potential disasters N.Y.C. might face and the steps taken to plan for them.
“The theme of the program will be a simple question, “What would you do?” This question will be followed by a scenario involving a disaster. All ads will be designed to spark thoughts of the possibility of the occurrence suggested and evoke thoughts of what they would do if the same disaster struck right now. Information on certain disasters, such as hurricane and storm safety, fire safety, and other safety issues will be an integral part of this program. The ads are not supposed to invoke panic, but rather to alleviate it. Panic occurs when there is a lack of a plan of action. This advertising campaign is aimed at getting people to develop plans, where-ever they happen to be. People who have a plan do not panic as easily and will respond in a more efficient manner to unexpected events.”

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