The Newspaper Dealer’s Problems.

1 January 2018

Most of us are familiar with newspaper vendors, whether those we see in movies who ride their bicycles while throwing newspapers at people’s doors, the typical Filipino newspaper vendor who has a stall set-up beside stores or near the road.

These people always grab the spotlight when we think of the newspaper industry, but we never thought of the question, where do the newspaper vendors get their daily rations of newspaper stash?And to answer that question, this is a simple textual flowchart of newspaper production process we devised from an interview with a known newspaper dealer: “The publisher/printing press prints tens of thousands of newspaper copies every night, then, in the early morning, newspaper dealers gets their stash of newspapers which they eventually deliver to their clients whereas, the newspaper vendors (hotels, stores, individual retailers).As suggested by the research title, our main client is the newspaper dealer, the middleman between the vendors and the publisher.

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These newspaper dealers follow the traditional process of transacting with their clients, namely, manually listing their orders, income, revenues and balances. “[This nature of process poses many kinds of errors and miscalculations for the newspaper dealer]”, he said in the interview. The papers are prone to tampering and some vendors allegedly change the order quantities at sometimes resulting in an excess (most of the time) of orders, meaning, wasted money for the newspaper dealer.In search of a solution to these kinds of problems, the researchers thought of a program which can monitor a newspaper dealers transactions electronically. It can report the sales daily and forecast sales as far as a month’s rate.

Manages balances of vendors, tracks records of vendor proficiency and prints the desired reports in PDF format. These and all other features are the proposed solutions to the newspaper dealer’s problems.

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