The Night Circus

1 January 2017

Response: It’s starting the story. Where she came from, who she is and even what she can do Log 2 Quote: “Do you trust me, Miss Martin? ” Marco asks, watching her with the same intense stare from the cafe, only this time his eye are barely inches from her own. “Yes,” she says without hesitation. “Good,” Marco says, and with a swift movement he lifts his hand and places it firmly over Isobel’s eyes. ” Summary: These 2 young people meet, their names are Isobel and Marco. They get wine and get to know each other. Marco shows that he’s a magician. Isobel realizes what he is and finds out he’s no different than her and she falls in love with him.

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Response: The plot is thickening. These 2 meet and no supposed to, at least that’s what I think. They’ll fall in love and soon find out that they really weren’t meant to be. Log 3 Quote: “Trust or dare? ” Caroline calls from the upper branches. “Truth” is a resigned response, a yielding to Caroline’s abusive, nut and throwing version of the game. “Dare” is marginally defiant. “Bailey’s dare is to break into the Night Circus. ” Summary: Bailey has wanted to go to the Night Circus since he was 6, but his parents wouldn’t let him, so when his sister dared him to break in during he day he thought it didn’t matter what time of day as long as his get to go. While he’s there a girl shows up and tells him he can’t be there helps him out and gives him her white glove. Response: Because of this dare he got the opportunity to meet this girl who knows his name and he doesn’t know hers. I think they’ll meet again soon. Log 4 Quote: “Very well,” Chandresh says. “On with it. : He gestures vaguely at Marco. “Yes, sir,” Marco says, turning to address the girl. “We have a few preliminary questions before you start. Your name Miss? ” “Celia Bowen. ” It’s the Prospero’s daughter! ” Marco says.

Summary: Marco and Celia have now met. These are the 2 competing against each other, they just don’t realize it yet. Response. These 2 have met for the first time, not knowing who each other are. Marco will soon figure out who Celia really is but Celia won’t. Log 5 Quote: “Does this mean the circus is part of the challenge? ” Isobel asks. “It must. ” Marco says. “That’s likely why I was sent to work for Chandresh, so I would already be involved. The circus is the venue. ” Summary: Marco realizes where the challenge is about to begin and soon will his opponent. As this goes on Celia still doesn’t know Marco is her opponent.

Response: The challenge is about to begin. Marco knowing his opponent, Celia not so much. This line tells that Marco knows his opponent and the venue. Celia still has no clue. Log 6 Quote: “While he catalogued each element of the circus in shake handwriting, he could not manage to record his encounter with the red haired girl. He never told anyone about her. He looked for her at the circus during his 2 visits, but he had not been able to find her. The only proof he has that the girl is real is her white glove. Summary: Years ago the boy snuck into the circus on a dare.

This girl told him to get out in wasn’t time for people to come in yet, so she helped him out. Before he left she gave him her little white glove and he kept it and has been trying to find her since. Response: Soon I think he will find her and they’ll fall in love, but before that happens he needs to get use to her powers, which she doesn’t even know she has right now. Log 7 Quote: “Where is this lady in the ground? Where did you see her, I mean? ” Celia asks. “In the starts. ” Poppet says. “Do you often see things in the stars? ” Celia asks. “Only sometimes. ” Poppet says. “Widge sees things on people. “You see things on people? ” Celia asks him. “Sometimes” “What kinds of things? ” Celia asks. “Places they’ve been, stuff they’ve done. ” He says. Summary: Celia has just discovered that the Twins, Poppet and Widge, have this amazing talent. They can read stars and people, almost like a physic. She wonders how they got this gift and what is it use for. Log 8 Quote: “You’re going to sit there and watch Celia’s show? Isobel asks Marco. “There’s barely room for 20 people in her tent, she’ll notice you. Won’t she think it’s strange that you’re here? ” “she won’t even recognize me. ” He says.

Summary Marco has realized where Celia is performing and he’s going to go spy to see how good she really is. Response: I think Celia’s going to recognize him. She’s going to get one of her senses or one of the twins will tell her. Log 9 Quote: “You can maintain your relative anonymity and equal her accomplishment. I suggest you keep your distance from her and concentrate on your own work. ” The man in the gray suit says. “I’m in love with her! ” Marco replies Summary: Marco has just told his “father” that he loves Celia (his opponent) and doesn’t want to continue the competition.

Response: Marco and Celia will fall in love and one will decide to quit but neither one knows that if you lose this competition you die. Log 10 Quote: “The one who survives is the victor. ” Celia says. “The winner lives and the loser dies, that’s how that game ends. ” Summary: Celia has just told Marco what happens at the end of the competition, but he does not believe her. So she leaves and tells him not to follow her. Response: He will find a way to be with her no matter what it takes. Somehow Celia with find someone else to care for the circus and her and Marco will live together in peace.

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