The Northern Saw-Whet Owl

4 April 2015
Overview of the biological characteristics and ecological behaviors of the Northern Saw-whet owl.

This paper gives a technical overview of the biology of a small owl native to the West Coast. The author looks at the physical characteristics; diet and hunting behavior; nesting and reproduction; and habitat, range, and migration of the Saw-whet owl. A discussion of its adaptations to its environment of dense woodland.
From the paper:

“Saw-whet owls are very small birds with relatively huge heads, no ear tufts, and yellow eyes. They are about 7-8?” tall with a wingspan of 17-20 inches. The females are usually a few centimeters larger, but otherwise the sexes look identical (Terres, 1980). The body of the saw-whet is rounded, with a short tail and short, heavily feathered legs (Cannings, 1993). They have relatively short wings, which is typical of woodland owls and well adapted to the environment in which they live (Everett, 1977).”

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