The notbook

8 August 2016

We are all interested in different kinds of movies. Some people adore comedy movies, and some people cannot stand scary movies. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? Why am I attracted to one type of movie and not another? When people create movies they are making them for an intended audience. A movie trailer is a way to show bits and pieces of a movie to capture their intended audience before the movie premiers. I think the trailer for the movie, The Notebook, is a great example.

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After watching and analyzing The Notebook’s movie trailer several times I have decided the intended audience of the movie is women, the ages of thirteen to sixty-years-old who may or may not have read The Notebook. I do believe this movie was mainly directed for women. One reason why I believe this is because women tend to love a good love story or “chick flicks”; I personally do. In the trailer it shows several doves flying and in the background there is soft music playing. Those are key clues that there is romance in the movie.

Women are claimed to generally be more sensitive than men. So when women see a romance story unfolding in a movie trailer, they are typically more drawn to it rather than men. Women can be drawn to the movie as well if they can relate to what is happening in the story. After watching the trailer it appears as if there is a girl lead who is in love. With a girl being a lead it automatically makes it relatable to other girls. It can also be relatable if any girl is or has been in love. In the trailer is seems as if there is a male lead as well.

Typically in a romance movie the male lead is attractive. Girls go watch movies all the time just to watch a cute boy actor. The girl who appears to be the lead in the movie is Rachel McAdams. Rachel starred in the movie Mean Girls which premiered just a few months before The Notebook came to theaters as well. Mean Girls is a movie that tons of women watched and loved. It was typed a “chick flick. ” Girls who enjoyed the movie Mean Girls and Rachel McAdams are more likely to watch The Notebook opposed to someone who didn’t care for Mean Girls or Rachel as much.

After watching the trailer I came to the conclusion that women the ages of thirteen to sixty-years-old would be interested in watching the movie The Notebook. For starters, at the very beginning of the trailer is says you must be at least thirteen-years-old to watch the movie. They are obviously going to need to draw in that certain age group. So right off the bat we know the youngest age they want to attract. Thirteen is also around the age where you start to become interested in boys. This goes back to being able to relate to the situation in the movie.

Also, if you are going to see a movie and enjoy it, you are going to need to understand what is happening. When you are thirteen-years-old you typically start learning and understanding what a relationship is whether you have been in one or not. When you are in that stage of life, it can make the movie seem very relateable. The reason why I stopped the age at sixty-years-old was because in the trailer it shows a brief war scene. This indicated that there might be a time of war in the movie. Most women of age sixty have experienced some time of war in their lives.

It also seems like a more mature part in the movie which they might understand. There are also some clues suggesting a wedding in the trailer. At sixty-years-old most women tend to be married or have been married. That can be a relatable part in the movie as well. You can also see in some parts of the trailer an older man and women. As the trailer plays there is a voice narrating practically the whole time. You then see at some point an older man and women. It seems as if the older man speaking during the trailer is the older man in the movie.

Towards the end of the trailer it shows the older man and women dancing. This is evidence that they have some sort of connection between them. This could spark the interest of older women to go and see the movie. The Notebook was a book before it hit the big screen. It was a success and people were buzzing about how phenomenal it was. Books that become popular get turned into movies all the time, (i. e. , Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter), just to name a few. People who read and loved the book are more than likely to go and see the movie. When you read a book you create a certain image in your head on how the characters look and how the overall story looks as well. People get excited when they find out a great and successful book is going to become a movie. The book then gets to come alive and you can actually see it. It really is a cool feeling. Now, not all people who have read the book will be interested in the movie. People could have heard about the book and was curious enough to go see the movie. Also, maybe some people want to check out the movie before reading the book. It can give them an idea what the book is going to be about and then they also have a good picture in their mind.

After the watching the movie trailer for The Notebook I have decided that the intended audience is women, the ages thirteen to sixty-years-old who may or may not have read The Notebook. Women is the targeted gender for this romance movie because women are stereotypically more emotional than men, there seems to be a well-known women lead which makes it relatable, and there is also an attractive male lead which makes women go insane. The woman who appears to be the lead is also famous from a previous “chick flick. ” This makes women who enjoyed that movie a possible target audience for The Notebook.

I chose thirteen-years-old as the youngest age because it is an age where you typically start to understand romance and relationships. You are going need to understand what is happening in a movie if you want to love it. I stopped the age at sixty-years-old because it shows a war scene and clues of a wedding. I feel like those things would attract a women of sixty-years-old who have experienced those events in their own lives. The trailer also suggests an older man and women in the movie as well. The Notebook first started out as a novel.

People who have read and enjoyed the novel are more likely to be attracted to the movie. People tend to want to see a real image instead of the image in their mind. If you have heard great things about the book you might be interested in the movie as well. There is always excitement when a bestselling book hits the big screen. The movie trailer for The Notebook was very interesting and I felt I was able to pull a lot out of it. I do stand by my decision that the movie was intended for women, the ages of thirteen-years-old to sixty-years old who may or may not have read The Notebook.

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