The Odyssey Analysis

Book 2 shows us the character Athena motivating Telemakhos to find his father through inspiration and manhood, in which manhood is revealed through the interactions of both Athena and Telemakhos. The son is rare who me measures with his father, and one in a thousand is a better man, but you will have the sap and wit and prudence-for you get hat Odysseus-,” (pg. 27 lines 292-295). This is an example of how early character interactions set up the major themes and later actions of the other main characters such as the hero. Athena’s saying to Odysseus inspires him later on to reach a goal of manlihood. This is one evidence of how characters and their actions influence the build-up of major themes from the start that then solifles to the end of the epic.

Another way of how the character and introduction and actions in the first several books illuminate important themes is through their characteristics and tone. “Come ith me, friends, and get our rations down! They are all packed at home, and my own mother knows nothings! -only one maid was told. “(pg. 31 lines 435-437). Through this, the reader can tell Telemakhos’s tone is firm and strong, indicating he is starting to involve himself into his goal to manhood, which is again a major theme upon the hero.

This exemplifies the usage of introductory tones and charateristics that displays feature of the theme. This is how the first several books use character introduction and their actions to function as build-up for themes that then later larifies to the end. Another way of how the first several books introduce some of the important themes is with the introduction to plot and obstacles. This helps to identify themes through what is explained as a goal and what is explained as a conflict. “We have no strong Odysseus to defend us and as to putting up fight ourseleves-we only show incompetence in arms. (pg. 21 lines 64-66). “Homer presents to us the disaster at hand and what can be done to ease the cause. By doing this he leads the reader into analyzing and realizing what the main focus of the story is. which is loyalty since Telemakhos stays loyal to his father and believes he is the solution to the suitors as according to the quote. Since the reader acknowledges the problem and the possible solution,they can interpret the solutions and problems as symbols or things that relate to each other.

This is epic is known to revolve around family loyalty and manhood. However,this is only one of the many ways that Homer uses the first many books to introduce and reveal major thems through plot and obstacles. Homer uses obstacles to help the reader focus on what is morally correct. The Odyssey hits on the importance of respect,whether it is to household or to people. “Mother wants no suitors,but like a pack they came-sons of the best men here among them-lads with no stomach for an introduction to IkΒ€rios,her father across the sea;” . page 20 lines 53-56)The obstacles in the hand of Odysseus at the beginning of the book are the suitors. They come to represent disrespect and decay in heroic society which in epic comes from the absence of the hero,odysseus. lf the reader inverses those characteristics of the suitors,then the themes of the story will ocus on those opposites instead which are respect and building of a heroic society which in this case is from Telemakhos’s path to manhood and his road to becoming a hero.

The introduction of suitors in the first several books function as the main antangonal forces against the Telemakhos and challenges his faith and loyalty of his father. This serves to the reader as a guide a towards the plot and connects what is being accomplished in the story. Therefore, the recognization of the themes are made clearer and more understable through identifying what is believed to be right and orrect towards to what is unacceptable and is being challenged by the hero.

The plot and the specific obstacles both contiribute the introduction of the first several books of the epic The Odyssey by leading the reader into analyzing what is believed in the books to be socially accepted and socially unaccepted as well as the objectives of the plot and the Journey later on. This helps reveal themes as well the bigger thinking of the epic. The first several books play a role in revealing major themes such as respect,manhood,and loyalty through the indentification of plot,conflict,introduction f characters,and their main characteristics as well.

These all help the readers understand the epic from the beginning then clearly see how the introduction and the clues match up to the ending of the book. The books also function as the introduction of the epic that set the themes through explaining the main beliefs and focus of the story through the characters and their actions as well as introduction of the plots and antagonistic forces that oppose the hero’s objective. That is how the first several books function in revealing the major themes of The Odyssey.

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