The Odyssey and Big Fish

They both have great love and affection for their husbands, and would gladly do anything for them. They know that they are their soul mates, and would never do anything to jeopardize their relationships. They are completely faithful, even in times of separation. Although, Odysseus was gone for twenty years while fighting sea monsters and a giant Cyclops, and Edward was gone on business, the idea is the same. The wives kept everything normal at home, and welcomed the men home with open arms. They missed them more than anything, and yet stayed completely loyal and faithful.

Their hearts¬†ached¬†for¬†their¬†loved¬†ones‚Äô¬†return,¬†and¬†nothing¬†could¬†make¬†them¬†happier. Their¬†love¬†and passion¬†brought¬†their¬†husbands¬†home. It¬†was¬†his¬†love¬†for¬†Penelope,¬†that¬†made¬†Odysseus¬†return to¬†Ithaca. Sandra¬†kept¬†Edward¬†coming¬†back. He¬†would¬†really¬†enjoy¬†the¬†places¬†that¬†he¬†visited,¬†and would¬†have¬†even¬†lived¬†there¬†if¬†not¬†for¬†his¬†loving,¬†beautiful¬†wife¬†to¬†keep¬†him¬†coming¬†back¬†home. Another¬†similarity¬†is¬†of¬†the¬†‚Äėmistresses‚Äô. When¬†Edward¬†is¬†young¬†he¬†comes¬†across¬†a¬†town¬†called Spectre,¬†there¬†he¬†meets¬†a¬†young¬†girl¬†called¬†Jenny¬†who¬†started¬†to¬†like¬†him. Years¬†later,¬†when

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