The Odyssey

2 February 2017

Apart from Him, we are nothing. We cannot do the things we thought we can’t do without Him. There are times that we forget to thank Him for all the things that He did for us.

Same as through what happened to Odysseus, he did not thanked Poseidon for helping him to win the Trojan War. So, Poseidon gave him punishment. But the punishment was not really a punishment; it was a realization for him that he can’t do all things by himself. If we fail to thank him, He still never leaves us. He still accepts us for we are just human beings, imperfect and entitled to make mistakes.He’s just somewhere out there watching us and letting us do the things on our own so that if we fail, we can learn to make our failure our inspiration or experience so the next time we do something, we can succeed and overcome the impediments that we are facing. “Learn how to control your anger.

The Odyssey Essay Example

” This is what Odysseus said to his son, Telemachus, when he was challenged by the suitor of his mother (Penelope) to attack him in their duel. This is also one of the statements of Odysseus that was echoing on my mind.

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