The Odyssey(2002) by Symphony X

Literally a year since I was born was the album`s release. Symphony X is a progressive power metal band from the grimy place known as New Jersey. They formed and released their debut into the early 90s with most, every album containing some sort of theme. As for this album, that theme is in the past with Greek and Roman voyagers. Also much like say, Divine Wings of Tragedy, this album also has an epic stuck on at the end.
Eight tracks and over 70 minutes of power shredding and much, much to listen to. This album has everything a prog fan loves, good storyline, great mixing and progressive elements, a 20 minute epic that captivates you from beginning to end and just a joy ride to listen to in general. Now for those of us, mythology freak, especially of Greek and Roman types, you have a much bigger advantage to understand it and like it as well. Some of the characters and other things are Greek styled names. So good job catching those if you do. I also find the epic, The Odyssey, to be marvelous as well because, Russell Allen and the crew are able to paint a picture and while it isn’t “epic,” I still like the song none the less.
The only problem I have is the “epicness” of the music which is nonexistent to say the least. For one, it prevents you from truly feeling like your scavaging the seas. It may be because of the albums Iconoclast and Paradise Lost which spoils this for me. Or maybe because I think that atmosphere is a very important thing in misc, especially progressive rock.
Well, enough talk so I give This album an 8.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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