The Old Religion Why Are They Pagans

The Old Religion: Why Are They Pagans? Essay, Research Paper

The Old Religion

An extract from the Malleus Maleficarum written by Heinrich Kramer and

James Sprenger reads, & # 8220 ; Enchantresss are so called on history of the inkiness of their guilt, that is to state their workss are more evil than those of any other criminals. They stir up and confuse the elements by the assistance of the Satan and arouse awful hailstorms and storms. They distract the heads of work forces driving them to madness, insane hatred, and excessive lecherousnesss. By the awful influence of their enchantments entirely as it were by a draft of toxicant they can destruct life. & # 8221 ;

The mere reference of the words enchantress or witchery automatically convey to mind either the green skinned broom-riding beldam of The Wizard of Oz or visions of some Devil-worshipping cult. Witchcraft is non a cult. It is a heathen Earth faith that has origins dating back before any other formalistic faith. Some enchantresss prefer to idolize in groups, normally known as covens. However, since there is no individual worldwide establishment for the practicians of witchery others are free to idolize entirely as lone enchantresss.

Witchcraft in one signifier or another has existed longer than Christianity.

This is evidenced by the Christian holidays that have been adapted from older

Pagan jubilations. Long before the universe had heard of Jesus. Wiccan & # 8217 ; s had been detecting the season by conveying in the Yule log wishing on it and illuming it with the remains of the last old ages log.

The Roman Catholic vacation of Candlemas is an version of the heathen

Celebration of Imbolc ; this twenty-four hours is besides known as Brigit & # 8217 ; s Day. The Goddess Brigit symbolized the fire of birth and healing. Early heathens celebrated her twenty-four hours by inflaming sacred fires. The Roman Catholic Church adopted the fire symbolism and used this twenty-four hours to bless all the church candles that would be used during the coming twelvemonth.

The name Easter was taken from the name of a heathen travel

ddess Eostre whose

Symbols were the bunny and the egg. Aside from that symbolism most heathen faiths speak of the goddess falling into the Underworld for a period of three yearss. This is reflected in the Christian tradition that Jesus died on the cross, descended to hell ( during the three yearss he was entombed ) , and on the 3rd twenty-four hours he arose and ascended into Eden.

Witchcraft may be the oldest faith. It is really different from all the alleged great faiths. The Old Religion, as enchantresss call it, is closer in spirit to the Native American traditions or to the Shamanism in the Arctic. It is non based on a tenet or a set of beliefs. Witchcraft takes its instructions from nature. To the enchantress the rhythms of the seasons and motions of the Sun, Moon, and stars are beginnings of inspiration.

Neither Jehovah, & # 8220 ; the Lord & # 8221 ; , or Satan are portion of the Wiccan pantheon of

Deities. Witches worship a apparently eternal figure of pre-Christian divinities but these three are non included. Wiccan & # 8217 ; s do non believe there is an absolute immorality or absolute good ; there are merely appropriate or inappropriate actions. The Devil is a Judeo-christian innovation, most likely devised from a heathen God. The God of the Old Religion was the Horned God ; hence, Christianity associated this God with the Devil and the church deemed enchantresss Devil believers.

Witchcraft is a manner of looking at the universe merely as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. Unlike cults, enchantresss do non look to a individual leader to work out all their jobs ; alternatively they tend to be really individualistic and freethinking people.

Witchcraft has ever been a faith of poesy instead than divinity. The

enigmas of the unknown can ne’er be explained, merely felt. Just as some people are good at repairing autos or computing machines, some enchantresss can and make, develop proficiency with enchantment work and healing. However, there is a cosmopolitan moral principle by which the Wiccan community adheres. The & # 8220 ; Wiccan Rede & # 8221 ; provinces, & # 8220 ; An it harm none, do what you will. & # 8221 ;

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