The Only Exception by Paramore

8 August 2019

“The Only Exception” is one of the many hit-worthy tracks located on Paramore’s new hit album “Brand New Eyes.” “The Only Exception” is a soft ballad with a semi-acoustic, sympathetic feel that turns into a beautiful heart grabber that talks about keeping everyone at a safe distance, which is also well illustrated in the music video itself.

The video starts with Paramore’s leading lady, Hailey Williams, waking up in her boyfriend’s arms, realizing that their relationship isn’t right and that she’s letting him get close enough to possibly hurt her, like others have. Throughout, we see her struggle with the problems in her love life as she goes on date after date, finding no one that she wants to risk her heart with. But, as the song goes on, she finally realizes that the one that had always been by her side all this time was her current boyfriend, and that maybe it’s okay for her to let down her barriers and let someone get close enough to hopefully love her.

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This is the perfect song and music video for all of you who are getting to know the music of Paramore, are already super Paramore fans, or are just plain hopeless romantics. Be sure to check out all of the other amazing hits and creative videos from this all-guy-one-girl band. Enjoy!

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