The Origins of Marxism

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the origins of Marxism, including a history of its founders and its ideals.

The paper discusses how Marxism was founded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and how it is based on ideals from German philosophy, French radicalism, and the British industrial revolution. Its advantages and limitations for practical use in today’s society are also discussed.
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were two radical thinkers who founded Marxist theory, which they called Communism. Marx was a law and philosophy student in Germany while Engels managed his father’s textile factory. When the two men met in Paris in 1844, they began a forty-year long collaboration in thinking and writing. Three years later, they joined the radical Communist League which had the major goal of a unified Germany. However, the League failed when it was overpowered by counterrevolution in Germany. Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto for the Communist League, which was published in January 1848. In it they discussed their ultimate goal of a class-less society. Marxism had not yet come to be, and would not until 1870.

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