The other day, I had a convers…

10 October 2018

The other day, I had a conversation with one of my mentors, and he asked, ‘What arethe challenges or objections people give you when you are discussing business?’ There a fewstaples people always say; ‘I don’t have enough time.’ ‘I need to make more money.

‘ The one Ifind the most interesting is ‘I make enough money, but somehow I wish I could make more of adifference for others…I just wish I felt more fulfilled in my career.’The feeling of fulfillment in your life can be hard to achieve if you are living a life you didnot want or if you fell into a situation and now you don’t have a way out. So many of us thoughtwhen we got out of high school or college or got our first job that you knew pretty much how lifewould turn out. Somehow, your life changes.

The other day, I had a convers… Essay Example

..a job loss, a relationship begins or ends, an injury,an ill family member, and emergency, the birth of a child, a tragedy or perhaps simply youchanged your mind about your direction and all of a sudden you find yourself in a differentplace.We can go on for years with a certain routine without ever asking ourselves thequestion..Am I happy? Unfortunately, for so many people out there the answer to that questionis ‘no.’ What do you do then? It is unlikely you can change your situation overnight, but you canalways change how you approach your life or even more important; what meaning do you attachto the situation you are in currently? Here are a few ideas to stay focused on making sure youfeel fulfilled in life.

1. Stick to Your Values – Learn to honor your beliefs. If something does not feel right toyou, you will need to make changes. Be open to change. This can be a difficult thing,but there is nothing worse than looking back on life and realizing you wasted or lost toomuch of your time.2. Focus on the Positive – Take a step back and reflect on what does make you happyabout your life.

Surround yourself with people who are uplifting and make you feel good.3. Objective reality – set aside time to look at what is a definite in your life and what can bechanged. Don’t do an engine overhaul on your life if some things are working and youmight just need a tune up4. Visualize what you truly want – This is literally the ONLY way to get what you want out oflife. If you put your energy on anything long enough and with intensity, you can make ityour reality. Success is about the ability to shift your focus to what you must to moveforward instantaneously.

5. Listen to Yourself – You are the one who has the answers. In order to find out whatmakes you feel fulfilled, ask yourself, when I feel the most energy and excitement, whatam I doing in that moment? Once you figure that out, find a way to incorporate that intoyour daily life. Sometimes, it takes getting away from everything and getting the chanceto literally hear nothing but your thoughts, to truly recognize what you want or need inlife.6. You are Responsible – It’s often easy to blame others for what you do not have, butultimately you decide what your life will look like. Take ownership of your circumstancesand understand you have the power to change them at any time.

Happiness and fulfillment are reachable, but sometimes we do not see it. One of the best ways I was able to gain more clarity, was to find a mentorwho would ask me the tough questions I was not asking myself. Over the years, we havementored and coached people on how to truly find their why in life and it has led to exponentialsuccess.

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