The Other Sister Essay Research Paper The

The Other Sister Essay, Research Paper

The Other Sister, produced by Mario Iscovich and Alexandra Rose was a romantic comedy. The characters gazing in this movie were Carla Tate ( Juliet Lewis ) , who was a somewhat mentally challenged immature adult female. The overprotective female parent Elizabeth, played by Diane Keaton. Carla? s male parent was played by Tom Skerritt. Last, but surely non least, there was Daniel, who was Carla? s fellow ( Giovanni Ribisis ) . Carla had spent old ages of her in a particular instruction plan at a private embarkation school. This was a really difficult determination for her parents to do. Her male parent was a rummy and did non cognize much of anything that was traveling on. Elizabeth, her female parent, was the 1 who had made the determination to travel in front and direct her girl Carla off to get oning school. That dark that Carla had gone to get oning school was the last dark that her male parent had a drink Elizabeth thought that this would be the best thing for Carla, because there would be other kids at this school who were besides mentally challenged.

Carla had returned place after several old ages with a batch of ends that she had set for herself. The most of import thing to Carla was her demand for personal fulfilment begins to show itself in ways her female parent is unable to accept. When Carla autumn in love for the first clip with a male child from school by the name of Daniel, she wants to turn out to her female parent that merely because she may look to be different on the outside she still has the ability to be a responsible grownup, worthy of loving and being loved. Carla was traveling to take a journey and detect herself. Carla and her fellow Daniel do this together and happen some of the tough replies to life? s challenges which the two of them come across together, and to be able to turn out that sometimes a apparent life can be something so astonishing if there is person that you care about assisting you through it.

The Tate? s household life was nil that was original. For one thing, the male parent was a rummy and the female parent was really overprotective of her girl Carla. There was her oldest sister who was engaged to be married and she lived a pretty normal life. Then, traveling down the line there was the 2nd girl who was a sapphic. This girl had a girlfriend who she had been with for a twosome of old ages now. Elizabeth ne’er wanted to run into her girl? s girlfriend. I personally think that she was merely uncomfortable with the state of affairs. Whenever there was a household event her girlfriend was ne’er invited and Elizabeth ne’er wanted to speak about her. Then, there was Carla who was mentally challenged. Elizabeth ne’er thought that Carla was capable of making anything on her ain.

When Carla had gotten back from get oning school and went to a public school she had met this male child by the name of Daniel. He besides happened to be a mentally challenged male child merely like Carla was. They became good friends and started to hang out after school. Daniel brought Carla to where he worked at the school and she went to see him at his other work at the bakeshop.

Halloween was coming up and Daniel had asked Carla if she wanted to travel to this dance with him at school. Carla asked her female parent if it would be all right if she would travel to the dance with Daniel. The dark had eventually come and the buzzer rang. It was Daniel. Elizabeth kept on stating that this? male child? was traveling to take advantage of Carla and why would person desire to travel with her. Daniel was all dressed up for Halloween. He was a

Canis familiaris. Elizabeth asked him if he had a face, because he was have oning a costume that had a mask. He took off his mask and said hullo to Carla? s female parent. Once Elizabeth saw that Daniel was besides mentally challenged she was O.K. with the fact that Carla liked this male child and he was taking her out.

A twosome yearss later it was Carla? s birthday and she was speaking about how all of these childs at school had there ain topographic points. She thought that it would be a great thought if she got her ain topographic point. Her sisters thought that it would be a great thought and of class, Carla? s overprotective female parent said, ? No way. ? Elizabeth? s ground for her reply was that she thought Carla could non take attention of herself. Elizabeth was believing, what if she left the door unlocked or the oven on. In her female parent? s eyes it merely was non a good thought. Carla was stating that she was traveling to take out the refuse and make other things that were responsible. Thingss that she would make if she had her ain flat. That dark at dinner, Carla? s female parent decided that she could acquire her ain topographic point. So, they watched some picture tapes on different flats. Finally, Elizabeth saw an flat that she loved and would be great for Carla. A twosome of hebdomads subsequently Carla moved into her really ain flat.

This merely shows how Carla? s female parent thinks that merely because she is mentally challenged that she can non make things for herself. Carla proved her female parent incorrect. She showed her that she was able to take on duties. Just because Carla is different does non intend that she should be looked at otherwise. This film relates to the book Freakshows that was to be read for category. I think this because all of the? monsters? were looked at otherwise

because of the manner that they looked or acted. I disagree with that a enormous sum. I have a cousin that is mentally challenged and disability. No 1 looks at her or handle her otherwise.

It was clip for Carla? s sister? s nuptials and Daniel and Carla had broken up. The 2nd girl? s girlfriend was non invited to the nuptials. During the ceremonial Daniel came back and asked Carla to get married him in forepart of everyone. Elizabeth was embarrassed, stood up and apologized for the break and said the ceremonial would now go on, and it did. It amazed me that Elizabeth was non happy for Carla and that she found person to love and that someon left unfinished. Carla kept on explicating to her female parent that she was old plenty to acquire married. She was stating that she loved Daniel. Elizabeth reused to believe Carla and told her that she does non cognize what love is. Carla was stating her female parent how she hated the nuptials that she had made for her older sister and that when her and Daniel acquire married she was traveling to do the marrying all by herself. With that remark coming out of Carla? s oral cavity, her female parent went back inside and Carla walked off in the distance.

Carla and Daniel decided that they were traveling to acquire married and that they were traveling to make everything by themselves. So they did. Carla wrote out the invitations to everyone who her and Daniel wanted observing their particular twenty-four hours. When Carla? a 2nd oldest sister received her invitation, she called Carla really excited and thanked her for ask foring her girlfriend. The twenty-four hours had eventually come and Carla was traveling to be married to Daniel. Carla? s male parent was acquiring ready to travel to the ceremonial, and Elizabeth was merely sitting on the sofa. She was non traveling to the nuptials, because she thought that what Carla was making was incorrect.

Carla? s male parent arrived at the nuptials with a immense smiling on his face. He was traveling to see his small girl get married. His house was traveling to be empty. After Carla and Daniel said their vows, Carla turned around and saw her female parent walking into the nuptials. This made Carla so excited to see that her female parent cared and was willing to be apart of her life even though she did non hold with everything that she did.

In The Other Sister, the scenes were ever so bright and cheerful. I believe that this was done for a particular ground. I think that the movie was largely ever so bright, because Carla was an outgoing miss. She was ever looking for something to make or how to do herself be a better individual. She would acquire disquieted when people would get down to express joy at her. She wanted to be able to make things for herself and non hold other people do them for her. Carla wanted a hereafter, and that future she wanted was traveling to be with Daniel. The lone clip in the movie that it was dark was when Carla and her female parent went to the park and they were speaking about relationships, male childs, and Carla? s flat. Elizabeth was stating Carla how she did non believe that it would be a good thought if she had male childs coming over to her flat. Her female parent had to confront world and cognize that Carla was a immature adult female now and she was traveling to hold fellows and male childs coming over to her flat. Carla was a really bright adult female and would ne’er make anything to ache herself in anyhow. It was clip that Elizabeth would allow travel of her girl and let her to turn up and see what the existent universe was like.

By the terminal of The Other Sister, Carla had overcome the obstructions that she was confronting. She ne’er thought that her female parent would O.K. of anything that she would make. Carla ne’er thought that the twenty-four hours would come where she would be looked at like a normal immature adult female alternatively of a mentally challenged immature adult female. Equally difficult as it was for Elizabeth to allow travel of Carla, she knew deep in her bosom that it was the right thing to make. Carla was non her? small? miss any longer. She was all grown up and married. She was traveling to populate the life that she thought she was ne’er traveling to hold.

Carla started out life traveling off from her household, non by pick, to a boarding school for mentally challenged adolescents. Once she had returned place, Carla was able to travel to a public school and seek to make what? normal? adolescents were making. Carla shortly realized that she had passed her categories in? normal public? school. She knew that

whatever she would set her head to she would be able to make. For Carla, it was such a feeling of achievement to hold succeeded in a short sum of clip

The Other Sister, is a movie that no 1 should lose. It shows how even though Carla is mentally challenged she is still able to make anything that she strives for. Her female parent is really overprotective and does non desire her to travel out of the house or acquire married. Elizabeth disapproves of reasonably much everything that Carla does. Carla proves to her female parent and the remainder of her household that she is merely like everyone else. She is able to make things for herself without the aid of anyone else. Carla wants to be on her ain and free from all of the regulations that held to be true in her parent? s family. She proves that sometimes a apparent life is something so astonishing if there is person that you care about assisting you through it.

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