The Other Sister

5 May 2016

The film I chose to review for this assignment was the romantic and inspiring comedy, “The Other Sister”. This film portrays a young woman with a mild mental disability. Although the exact diagnosis of the protagonist, Carla Tate is never revealed throughout the film, she is very high functioning.

The Other Sister Essay Example

Carla lived with her two parents Radley and Elizabeth Tate (who were also the main characters throughout the film). Radley (the father) and Elizabeth (the mother) had two completely different approaches with raising Carla, which is very significant throughout the film because if it were not for Radley, Carla would not accomplish the goals she wanted to complete in her life. Carla’s mother, Elizabeth was very uptight when it came to raising Carla.

She did not want her to be taken out of her “special” school and did not want her to live in her own apartment. On the other hand, Carla’s father, Radley supported Carla’s independence and determination.

The first character with a disability was again, the protagonist, Carla Tate. Her meticulous disability was never mentioned exactly in the film, it was clear to the viewer that she had a social disability with some traits that’s can be found in Asperger’s Syndrome as well as learning disabilities which can be seen in mild mental special education.

Carla, however, was not hindered by her disability in the cases of being able to attend a “regular” college and by being able to live alone without supervision. The other character in the film with a disability was Daniel McMann.

Daniel attended school with Carla and soon became involved in a romantic relationship with her. Daniel’s exact disability was also not mentioned but he too had social and learning disabilities as well as a speech disability. Daniel was unable to achieve passing grades in his “regular” classes, therefore concluding his disability may be more server than Carla’s.

The importance of this movie is to portray to the viewers that although a person may have a mental disability, they are still willing and able to accomplish a “normal” and successful life. Carla depicted this to the audience by achieving passing grades in “a regular class, in a regular school” (Carla) and by living alone and independently living alone in her own apartment.

Another important aspect of the film was when Carla established a romantic relationship with her classmate (who was also mentally impaired). This shared to the audience that Carla knew what love was and what love felt like towards someone other than her family. This film is also important for parents that have a child with a disability to watch.

It can teach them about letting go and not holding back their children because of their mental disability. Carla was shown in a positive light by which she showed the audience that anything is possible even if you have a mental disability. Like going to college, taking a regular classes, living alone, traveling on a bus alone and establishing a romantic relationship with Daniel.

I would definitely recommend this movie to viewers of all ages. Not only is “The Other Sister” inspiring and moving; it really warms your heart to watch Carla achieve so many things in her life without letting her disability hold her back. Because Carla has such a happy go lucky and “can do” personality, it would be hard for a viewer of any age to not be smiling throughout the entire film.

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