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7 July 2017

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The Outsider Essay, Research Paper

The Foreigner

“ Meursault is punished, non for his offense of killing another human being but for declining to play the game. ” This statement is of great relevancy to the novel The Outsider, by Albert Camus. Society as a whole enforces its thoughts and values, upon all persons, but peculiarly on those who differ from the “ norm ” . Through Meursault? s position of the universe, contrasted with that of both the spiritual and judicial system this impression is foregrounded.

Meursault? s mentality on decease and death is really different to that of the bulk of people at the clip. He was unemotional and apathetic to the decease of his female parent, something that was unfathomable and by no agencies acceptable. “ ? I didn? T know if I could smoke in forepart of female parent. I thought it over and decided it didn? Ts truly matter. ” This is a authoritative train of idea for Meursault, he believes that when you are dead, so you truly are dead, so smoking or non smoking will do no difference to the deceased. “ I likely loved my female parent my female parent rather a batch, but that didn? t mean anything. ” He accepts his female parent is dead, and that his love means nil to her, in fact, nil agencies anything to her. These thoughts were distressing harmonizing to his societies criterions and Euro-centric value system. “ He said that I hadn? T wanted to see mother ; that I? vitamin D smoked, I? vitamin D slept and I? vitamin D had some white java. And I felt something stirring up the whole room ; for the first clip I realised I was guilty. ” This quotation mark is a cardinal facet of the foundation doctrine in the novel. Meursault realises, at that minute, that he is on test for killing a adult male, but he will be found blameworthy of the charge non for killing a human being but for the simple ground that he did non play societies “ game ” at his female parent? s funeral, therefore he is guilty.

The construct of love helps highlight Meursault? s differences to the societal “ norm ” and builds the base for the guilty finding of fact and resulting penalty. “ She so wanted to cognize if I loved her. I replied as I had done one time already, that it didn? t mean anything but that I likely didn? T. ” Meursault does non take either love, or matrimony earnestly, because he believes that they do non truly count. Marie? s position, nevertheless, is diametrically opposed to that of Meursault, as she, like most of society, believed in the spiritual and judicial systems. She has faith in love and in all chance some signifier of God. Basically she conforms to society, she obeys it and “ tantrums in ” . While Meursault is by no agencies an nihilist, he does what he wants, and feels and expresses these feelings as he wishes. Meursault is non punished for neglecting to love Marie, but through the issue and treatment of love, the audience is able to hold on how immensely he differs from society, and that is what Meursault is basically punished for.

Meursault? s honestness is another facet that sets him apart from the remainder of society. He is honorable about

every portion of his life. While society does non back prevarication, people instinctively do to avoid being noticed as unusual. Meursault nevertheless does non care for societies values and does non adhere to them, for this ground he is honorable about everything. “ Then he asked me if he could state the I? vitamin D controlled my natural feelings that twenty-four hours. I said, “ No, because it? s non true. ? He looked at me in a curious manner, as if he found me somewhat gross outing. ” In this quotation mark Meursault replies with wholly honestness, yet because his reply is unacceptable by societies criterions the attorney is appalled. Meursault does non “ play the game ” even when faced with a possible decease sentence, he is a sufferer to the truth. For his complete fairness, he is separated from the society in which he lives and accordingly punished for it.

Ambition plays a major function in many societies and this quality is considered admirable for a individual to hold. Meursault lacks this quality for two grounds, he lives strictly through his senses, if he is happy in a certain topographic point so there is no ground to alter and he believes that nil affairs, whether he does or doesn? Ts move up the Socio-economic ladder is of no importance to him. “ ? and that I wasn? T at all disgruntled with mine here. He looked disquieted and said that I ever evaded the inquiry and that I had no aspiration. ” Society construes this as indolence, but Meursault is merely stating what he feels and the fact that he has no aspiration doesn? Ts truly intend anything. However, his thought differs from that of his society and therefore he is punished for other peoples? deficiency of apprehension.

The chief beginnings of all the political orientations bing in Meursault? s society are the church and spiritual establishments. The thoughts and values are formulated by the church and enforced by the judicial system. It is expected that a adult male call at his female parent? s funeral and that he should experience compunction for killing another human being, people who do non adhere to these outlooks are deemed non to hold a psyche. “ He announced that I had no topographic point in society whose most cardinal regulations I ignored, nor could I do an entreaty to the Black Marias when I knew nil of the most basic human reactions. ” This is a quotation mark by the Public Prosecutor, both a spiritual and lawful adult male. Through Meursault? s look of thoughts and feelings, he is clearly capable of emotion and human inherent aptitude, yet because he does non stay by the regulations he is condemned by a society, which fears him, for his difference. Meursault refuses to believe in God, he refuses to yield to the dominant political orientation of his clip, he refuses to play the game and for this he is punished.

Meursault was brought to test for killing another human being, yet he was convicted and punished for declining to “ play the game. ” He did non adhere to the regulations nor did he seek to alter himself to better suit the universe in which he lived. As the magistrate said, and basically, in societies eyes he was “ Mr. Antichrist ” and for this he was condemned to decease.

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