The Outsiders by Eric Church

He relates to a small town.Where everybody know who everybody is.Old people drinking coffee at a convenience store.This is what small towns are.There’s some bars a good place for pizza.Most of a timer a diner but not in are’s.

These are some of my favorite songs from Eric Church,To me he is a good singer can mix it up pretty good with some pop and majority of country.I’m about to talk about; “Talladega”,”Give me back my hometown”, and “The outsiders”/the album song.All three of these are great and relatable.Unlesslive some huge town with no trees which is some towns.But not here in Cannon Falls,Minnesota.

“Talladega”.The story of a old guy reflecting on his life.Talking about how he got his dad’s old winnebago running and how they got to Talladega the track.How they saw the cars that go real fast.the song has a good guitar play and that’s what make me like it.Now a lot of country singers just sing no guitar.The voice with guitar is great.Unlike a lot of his songs I can’t relate because the guys like 90 something and me Im 14 going on 15 years of age.It’s really hard to relate but most songscan.This is my second favorite now we’ll talk about my most favorite song in the album.

Give me back my hometown.This is amazing song the best song talking about a hometown that’s going down piece by piece.The football teams is still stout.He’s talking about his grandaddy’s pocket knife he gave him.His state champion ring.He would give it back if that would bring him back his hometown.Great beat with good guitar play.Great song it has all the needs for good song.I think it’s one of the best songs he ever made but that’s my point of view.

“The Outsiders/album song.He’s talking about how the outsiders in the town are the ones who helped build this town to what it is today.How there disgraced by the town.This song l made me pissed off at society.This is like a rock song drums and strums going off and around.Like a AC DC sounds like them like threw and threw.
All and all he’s a great singer,with some good music.I like him so not everyone in the world is gonna like but some are and that’s good enough for me.He’s had some songs with some savageness now a days as they call.Like smoke a little smoke,Record year if do like the songs that i just talked about maybe try these songs out.Some people will really like and some people won’t really like it.So all in all I like the album and these 3 songs in particular. I would highly recommend this album and singer.

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