“The Outsiders” Greaser Character Description

The Greaser Gang Ponyboy Curtis – The youngest Curtis brother, 14 years old. He is the narrator of the story. Ponyboy is very smart and interested in culture and movies, different from his other brothers. Ponyboy gets good grades and due to that he doesn’t get along with Darryl (Darry) his older brother because Darry wants to push Ponyboy to be good in school unlike him and his other brother Soda. He loves his brother Sodapop more than he even loved his own mom and dad. He is the only member of the gang who is smart and is a good student. Sodapop Curtis – The middle Curtis brother, 16 years old.

He gets along with Ponyboy and Darry. He is very sweet, smiley and “happy-go-lucky” and always is there to break up fights between Darry and Ponyboy. He is a very bad student and recently has dropped out of school. However Soda is very handsome, in Ponyboy’s words: “movie-star handsome”. He has a girlfriend called Sandy that he wants to marry. He is waiting until Ponyboy gets out of school and Sandy graduates so they can get married. Soda works at the gas station and he is also waiting to get a better job before he gets married. Darryl Curtis – The oldest of the Curtis brothers, 20 years old.

He has been caring for his brothers since their parents died in a car crash so he now took the “Parent Role” in Sodapop and Ponyboy’s life. He is six-feet-two, a broad-shouldered and muscular. Darryl is always expecting more from Ponyboy than he is from Sodapop because he knows that Ponyboy has more potential. He has dark-brown hair and Blue-Greenish eyes. He has a tough/cool attitude and Ponyboy sometimes thinks he too uptight. Johnny – Not a Curtis brother, he is another gang member. 16 years old. His full name is Johnny Cade. He doesnt have brothers and he is abused and neglected by parents at home.

He is very shy and is considered the “mascot” of the gang. The gang is kind of like his family, they are the ones that provide him the love and affection that he doesn’t get at home. He is very vulnerable , one of the reasons might be because he was previously jumped by 4 Socs and now he is very afraid of everything; quoting Ponyboy: “afraid of his own shadow”. Even though Ponyboy is the youngest greaser the gang treats Johnny as if it were him. He is smaller than the rest of the gang and he has jet-black hair and a very tanned face. He also has big black eyes that often show suspicion or nervous.

Two-Bit – Another Gang member, he is 18, the oldest gang member that isn’t a Curtis. His real name is Keith Mathews and he is about 6 feet tall. He had a greyish tone of eyes and is always smiling with a wide grin. He has extremely long side burns compares to other gang members. He took life in a way that he didn’t worry because for him it was all a joke. He is mostly famous for shoplifting and his black-handled switchblade. He liked fights, blondes and incredibly: school; It was probably because he also didn’t take it seriously. He was also a very funny guy and he always wanted to be the last to have a say, thus the nickname: Two-Bit.

Steve –Steve is 17 years old, another gang member. His full name is Steve Randle. He is Soda’s best friend. He and Soda are co-workers in the gas station. Steve knows everything about cars and he is intelligent. He is tall and skinny/lean but he can also be tough. He dislikes Ponyboy a lot and thinks that he is very annoying because he thinks of Ponyboy as the one who is always dragged in everything the gang does and he might think of Ponyboy as “competition” for Soda’s friendship. Dally – Dallas Winston (Dally) is the toughest guy on the gang. His appearance resembles an ferocious/dangerous animal.

Quoting Ponyboy: “He has an elfish face with high cheekbones and pointed chin. {…} Small, sharp animal teeth and ears like a lynx. {…} His hair was so blonde that it seemed white. {…} His eyes were blue, blazing ice, cold with hatred {…}”. Dally was arrested at the age of 10, so growing up for him might have been really tough. He often got drunk, rode in rodeos, lied, cheated, stole, jumped small kids so it is obvious that he had a very bad status/reputation. Even though he committed lots of crimes we was actually quite smart and very respected by the others members of the gang. Ponyboy didn’t like him very much because of his attitude.

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