The Outsiders Movie Critiqued Correctly Essay Sample

The Outsiders did non suit the standards of being one of the movies of Francis Ford Coppola. Critics were mostly unimpressed by the film but did good plenty at the box office. The Outsiders was based off the novel. published in 1967. by S. E. Hinton. It is about a character. Ponyboy. who lives with his two brothers. Darry and Sodapop. All of them conflict category warfare along with their fellow group known as the Greasers. the hapless childs. against the Socs. the rich childs. The film by Francis Ford Coppola. The Outsiders. was right critiqued as unimpressive because it negatively gave viewing audiences a different point of view on the stereotypes about adolescents. it did non hold the same elements in comparing to the other Coppola movies. and the presentation of the scenes of the movie was hapless.

First away. the stereotypes of adolescents during this clip period. the 1980s. were different from what was depicted in The Outsiders. “Still others. as it appears. had merely forgotten what it was like to be a adolescent. when every tear is a regular heroic poem of pain” ( Dargis 6 ) . The film broadcasted to the viewing audiences that adolescents do different things and were really different to what was really thought about them. “It’s [ The Outsiders ] about category warfare between rich childs ( the “Socs” ) and hapless childs ( the “Greasers” ) ” ( Ebert 3 ) . The film suggests that adolescents during the clip period are ever contending against each other. ever in packs. and ever looking for problem. It gives a different point of position at adolescents when it is non even truly true.

Additionally. Francis Ford Coppola’s movies have much life in them and spontaneousness. unlike The Outsiders because his manner did non suit in to the film. “The job with seeing characters in a extremely stylized ocular manner is that it’s hard for them to take a breath and travel and acquire us involved in their stories” ( Ebert 5 ) . Coppola’s shooting manner distracted the viewing audiences from understanding the secret plan of the narrative by holding uneven characteristics in the film. “The thin narrative stuff for “The Outsiders” merely adds up to a film of 90 proceedingss. and even so there are scenes that seem to be killing clip. Nothing that happens in the film seems necessary ; it’s all arbitrary” ( Ebert 5 ) . It is really unusual for Coppola to hold a movie that merely goes on for 90 proceedingss because his other plants. like the “Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now” . played for 175 proceedingss and 153 proceedingss. severally. It was non truly of Coppola’s character of directing for this to go on. “He seems so hung up with his impressions of a peculiar move “look. ” with his perfectionistic lighting and framing and composing. that the characters wind up similar images. framed and hanging on the screen” ( Ebert 7 ) . Coppola’s shooting manner and his demand for flawlessness turned out to be bad and made The Outsiders non look that great because it was merely non a good mix and combination and did non suit in good together.

Last. the scenes of the film were presented at a hapless quality. “He seems to be fighting with some kind of arrested development on the contrived Hollywood sound phase expression of the 1950s ; there are scenes in which he poses his two heroes against a lurid sundown and bathes them in backlights so incredibly reddish-orange that the childs look like Gordon MacRae in Oklahoma” ( Ebert 4 ) . The scenes of the scenes were so basic that the church Ponyboy and Johnny stayed in was merely placed on a simple green field. Another illustration was during the sundown. the scene looked animated because they seemed like exposure.

The Outsiders. a film by a great manager Francis Ford Coppola. was right critiqued because it gave viewing audiences a different position about the stereotypes of adolescents. it seemed truly different in comparing to the other Coppola movies. and the presentation of the scenes of the movie was hapless. The lone positive component this film had was that it successfully told the narrative of The Foreigners by S. E. Hinton. Viewing audiences who did non read the novel most likely understood the narrative to the full because of how great it was told. The Outsiders was my favourite novel to read and when I foremost saw the film. I was impressed on how rapidly I caught onto which characters were who but I was non impressed with the presentation itself.

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