The Outsiders Paper Essay Sample

In the novel “The Outsiders” by S. E Hinton an of import subject is household and friendly relationship. This subject is interesting because it shows us how when you’re household you come together to look after each other no affair what. The subject of friendly relationship is besides interesting because when your friends you support each other through everything and anything no affair what the effects are. In “The Outsiders” the subject of friendly relationship is besides a chief involvement because despite peoples differences they can come together through a common involvement or factor. which is what happens in “The Outsiders” .

The Curtis male childs have no parents as they died in a auto clang Darry and Soda work hard to back up the household. Darry is forced to work two occupations to maintain his household together. Family relationships are changed during the adolescent old ages but in the Curtis household remaining together as a household is a changeless battle. Since the accident Darry took the duty of care for Pony and Soda. and under the force per unit area of holding to supply for them he has grown up beyond his old ages. He no longer thinks of the male childs as brothers. but more of a duty. Darry recognizes Ponyboy’s endowment and has high outlooks for him.

But Ponyboy thinks that Darry is a batch stricter than his male parent. but by the terminal of the book he understands Darry’s function: “Darry is a good defender ; he makes me analyze and cognize where I am and who I’m with all the clip. . . . My male parent didn’t cry at me every bit much as he does. ” Soda besides dropped out of school so he could work and assist Darry pay the measures. He’s compassionate and caring like a female parent excessively Pony-Boy. When Pony-Boy and Johnny had ran off after Bob Winston’s slaying Soda writes a missive to Pony-Boy stating how disquieted him and Darry about him. in the missive sodium carbonate said “I wish you’d come back and turn your egos in but I guess you can since Johnny might acquire hurt. ”

This shows us that even though Soda misses Pony-Boy he understands the state of affairs and offers to be at that place for him. and that no affair what happens they will back up him. The subject of household is interesting in “The Outsiders” because it shows us that household attentions about each other can a household will make anything excessively maintain it together even if that means holding monolithic effects and that household is everlastingly and will ever back up you no affair what the fortunes are.

The Greasers go to extreme lengths to assist and protect their friends. When Johnny killed Bob to salvage Pony-Boys life it was an inherent aptitude that Johnny had. He said “They were submerging you pony. I had no pick. ” Johnny saw that his friend was in problem so on replete his precedence was to salvage Pony-Boy which meant killing Bob. but he did it anyway to salvage Pony’s life.

This shows us that Johnny cares so much about Pony-Boy that he would make anything to salvage him even if it meant slaying person and perchance traveling to imprison. When Pony. Johnny and Dally went back to the church and saw that there was a fire Pony felt responsible so he went to deliver the childs so Johnny went after Pony-Boy when Pony-Boy was out and was waiting for Johnny to come out the church the roof collapsed on him and Dally went in to salvage Johnny even though it meant put on the lining his life. Both of these illustrations show the subject of friendly relationship.

This subject was of import because friends will make anything to assist each other and be at that place for each other. and state each other everything and anything. Friends will ever be at that place to the terminal. S. E Hinton was seeking so demo us this in “The Outsiders” because we rather frequently bury how loyal and of import friends are to hold. we tell our friends things we may ne’er state our household and are likely closer in different ways S. E Hinton in “The Outsiders” showed us this.

Developing relationships/friendships between the wetbacks and socs despite their differences. Cherry Valence becomes friends with Pony-Boy. Cherry the soc represents the perfect life to Ponyboy. She is a fine-looking cheerleader. but she says that the Socs have problems. excessively. Her life appears perfect to an foreigner looking in. but that seemingly is non the instance. When Pony and Cherry met. Pony told her about the narrative of Johnny acquiring jumped by the socs. After Pony had told her Cherry said “All socs aren’t like that. you have to believe me Pony-Boy non all of us are like that. that’s like stating all you wetbacks are like Dallas Winston. ”

Then subsequently on Cherry said “I’ll bet you think that socs have made it. The rich childs. the West-Side Socs. I’ll tell you something Pony-Boy. and it may come as a surprise. We have problems you’ve ne’er heard of. You want to cognize something? things are rough all over. ” This cardinal quotation mark shows us that the Greasers and Socs both have issues. that they truly aren’t that different at all. Cherry and Pony connected truly good and became friends despite how different their lives are. At the terminal of chapter two the last words were “I know better now. ” Pony knew that things we’re rough all over and non to judge the socs as they truly weren’t that different to the wetbacks.

When Randy wanted to speak to Pony-Boy he wondered why Pony went to salvage the childs in the church because he wouldn’t of done that and didn’t think a wetback would hold Pony said “Greaser’ didn’t have anything to make with it. My brother over at that place wouldn’t have done it. Possibly you would hold done the same thing. possibly a friends of yours wouldn’t have. It’s the person. ” This shows us that merely because wetbacks have the name wetbacks and socs have the name socs doesn’t mean that they are all the same. they all have different issues and different personalities which shows that a wetback may be like a soc which allows Randy and Pony-boy to acquire along.

Randy decided to sit out of the rumble because he didn’t want to contend any longer. He said “people get hurt in rumblings. possibly killed. I’m sick of it because I doesn’t make any good. You can’t win ; you know that. don’t you? You can’t win. even if you whip us. You’ll still be where you were earlier at the underside. And we’ll still be the lucky 1s with all the interruptions. So it doesn’t make any good. The combat. the violent death. It doesn’t turn out a thing. Greasers will still be wetbacks and socs will still be socs. ” This is so true. it shows me that nil will alter. Contending doesn’t resoluteness anything. Through the relationships of Cherry and Pony and Randy and Pony I’ve learnt that even though you may be so different to person doesn’t mean you don’t worry or care about the same things.

Friendship comes in many different forms and signifiers being friends doesn’t mean that you like all the same things or are precisely alike it merely means that you can associate to each other which is what happened with Pony and Randy and Cherry the had something they could all associate to. I found friendship as an interesting subject in the foreigners because I learnt that being friends doesn’t needfully intend being precisely likewise it’s a batch more than that. They could be friends because despite their differences they were likewise in some ways.

In the novel “The Outsiders” by S. E Hinton an of import subject was household as we learnt that household will ever be at that place to back up and assist each other no affair what the fortunes are. household is everlastingly. Friendship was besides an of import subject in “The Outsiders” as we learnt that friends don’t have to be precisely alike they merely have to hold something they can all associate excessively.

Besides that friends will be at that place for each other till the very terminal and will back up and assist each other no affair what the effects are. “The Outsiders” has been a great book and I have learnt a batch from reading it about household and friendly relationship and that they are both highly of import things to hold in your life.

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