The Parenting Skills of Atticus Finch

10 October 2016

As a father Atticus is the role model. He teaches his kids respect and right conduct in everything he does. There are no lies in his family. Its an honest environment. Atticus respects his children so much that he wouldn’t do anything that would harm them unless he asks them. One example of his great parenting skills is when he takes the Tom Robinson case. No one wanted to that case because it would mean defending a black man. This shows his children to respect all people no matter there skin color.

Another example of his good parenting skills is when Bob Ewell is killed. Atticus want Mr. Heck Tate to go down and file a report saying that Jem did it. He wants this because if he doesn’t get it out that Jem did it right away there will be whispers and suspicions about him. He does this for the betterment of his children. He wants them to grow up without having anything on there back, so that they can grow up to be the same kind of father that Atticus is.

The Parenting Skills of Atticus Finch Essay Example

Some things that could be improved with Atticus’s parenting is to be there more for his kids. He never should up for Scout’s play. Jem and Scout had to go there by themselves. If Atticus had been there Scout and Jem would have never been attacked, and Bob Ewell would never had died. I took only an hour at most but he still could not go to his kids play and support and protect them. He knew that Bob Ewell was after his family, but he still sent them on their own to defend themselves against him.

His excuse was that he thought he would go after him not his kids. Why would Bob Ewell, a man of his caliber, go after an adult when he could go after his kids, which would make an even bigger impact than going after Atticus. He owes his kids lives to Arthur “Boo” Radley. “Thank you for my children, Arthur” (Lee 276). Atticus’s  values are respect, honesty, and overconfidence. All in all he is a very good parent.

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