The Parting Glass by George Donaldson

7 July 2019

” The Parting Glass” is a song that George covered for his second album “The World On My Mind.” ” The Parting Glass” is a song that is sung at the end of gatherings of good friends. The goodbye in the song can range from seeing them the next day, week, year, or even forever. Ever since his passing his version has been covered by Colm Keegan and Emmet Cahill on their solo tours. Him, Colm, and Emmet were all part of a singing group together with other people called Celtic Thunder.

Whenever I listen or watch him sing the song I always feel like that it was his “goodbye” to us since he passed away in March of 2014. This song has a special meaning to a lot of people including Colm, Emmet, and a lot of George’s fans, family, and friends. When they were making the tribute album for George his wife Carolyn decided to add his version of ” The Parting Glass” to the list. I just love this song and it will always be special to me and everyone else who knew him.

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