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10 October 2017

The Pastures of Heaven is a book written by John Steinbeck a book about multiple short narratives that are connected by scenes and the visual aspect of the Munroe household. The Munroe’s do non hold bad purposes but they ever seem to destruct a household in one manner or another. such as indirectly running them out of town or bing them the loss of a household member. A member of the Munroe household service as foil a character to the other households who live in the Pastures of Heaven to relay the subject. Steinbeck portrays the subject of how a person’s good will sometimes may non hold a good consequence. Chapter three of the narrative explores one of the valley’s occupants named Edward “Shark” Wicks. Shark desires attending and regard from occupants in the town and he is known as the smartest adult male every bit good as the adult male to travel to for any advice when it comes to any type of concern issue. Shark’s life is built upon prevarications. nevertheless. for the truth is that he truly has no money. and all of his wealth was merely a large cozenage.

His married woman besides bore him a beautiful yet stupid girl named Alice ; as she got older. her beauty became richer and richer. Shark becomes even more afraid of other work forces because of this beauty his girl has and is obsessed with maintaining Alice’s pureness. Shark particularly dislikes a peculiar male child named Jimmy Munroe which Shark bans Alice to of all time talk to him. Shark. with his over-protectiveness and compulsion for Alice’s pureness. hears that his girl has kissed and danced with Jimmy while he was out of town. This sends Shark Wicks into a fury. taking him into catching a gun and heading toward the Munroe farm ; he is arrested and held with a high bond. Shark ends up holding to state the justice and the occupants of the Pastures of Heaven that he ne’er had any money. Jimmy is the dramatic foil character to Shark because the truth about Shark comes out and ruins his repute in the vale. The repute of Shark being a successful adult male comes crashing down about him because of Jimmy snoging his girl Alice. the male child he hated. Steinbeck opens chapter four with the find of a babe along the wayside in town.

The neonate is an ugly babe and is given the name Tularecito by Franklin Gomez who adopted him. Tularecito is mentally challenged but has an artistic gift. The new school instructor. Miss Morgan. is good liked by her pupils. chiefly because she reads interesting narratives in category. As Miss Morgan reads one peculiar narrative. Tularecito begins to believe he is a fabulous character called dwarf. and barely encouraged by Miss Morgan and sets off to happen his people. He stumbles upon the farm of Bert Munroe and begins to delve holes in hunt of his people. Burt Munroe. finds one of these holes one forenoon. starts to make full it back in. Tularecito sees Bert’s actions and onslaughts him. In the terminal. Tularecito’s violent outburst and mental deceleration force him to be sent off to an refuge for the reprehensively insane. Bert Munroe is the dramatic foil character to Tularecito because he ends up directing him off. Bert did non physically direct Tularecito to an refuge but he did make full endorse up the hole made by Tularecito which enraged the immature adult male. Steinbeck’s 5th narrative is about a adult female named Helen Van Deventer. Helen. as Steinbeck explains. is “hungered for tragedy…” ( 55 ) .

Helen gives birth to a girl named Hilda and is diagnosed as holding mental jobs and gets worse as she gets older. Helen decides to travel to the Pastures of Heaven for a more peaceable and restful environment. Burt Munroe decides to pay a welcoming visit to the town’s newest occupant. When Burt arrives. he is greeted by Hilda. Burt assumes the small miss may be problem and continues to the house and is sent off by the house retainer. Hilda escapes from her room the dark of Burt’s visit. Helen grabs her asleep hubbies gun and begins to look for Hilda. She is found shot by a watercourse with the gun beside her. It is claimed that she had committed suicide due to her mental unwellnesss. Burt Munroe is the dramatic foil character to Helen because he was willing to be a good neighbour and halt by to give a welcoming visit. But Bert had to travel at the incorrect clip which leads Helen to slay her ain girl. Helen’s emphasis and old calamities had built up and the run-away of Hilda because of Bert’s visit was the last thing that broke the camel’s back. Junius Maltby came to the Pastures of Heaven because of wellness issues. Junius becomes a lazy adult male while life in the vale.

He married a widow he had been get oning with and she bore him a boy named Robbie. She passed off by grippe. go forthing Junius and Robbie entirely. They shortly end up life in poorness every bit good. When Mrs. Munroe decides to give Robbie some nice apparels to have on for school. he becomes cognizant that he is hapless. Junius decides to return to his place town to work and to give a better life for Robbie. Mrs. Munroe is the dramatic foil character to Robbie because she fundamentally told Robbie that he is hapless. Robbie had been a happy small male child basking the company of his male parent and without the idea of him being hapless ne’er crossed his head. Rosa and Maria Lopez decided to open a little eating house in the house in order to last. but the concern does non thrive as they expected. One twenty-four hours Rosa decides to hold sex with a client in an effort to sell more nutrient and she succeeds. Both sisters agree it is necessary to promote the clients if they what to win in holding a good concern. One twenty-four hours Maria decides give a drive to Allen Hueneker while on her manner to Monterey. Mr. and Mrs. Munroe passed by the both of them and Mr. Munroe jokes about stating Allen’s married woman that he is running off with Maria. Later that twenty-four hours as Maria came back place and hears Rosa explain that the local sheriff is forced to shut down the eating house because of ailments about their “encouragements. ”

Mr. Munroe is the dramatic foil character to the Lopez sisters because it is uneven that the Lopez sister’s eating house closes down the same twenty-four hours Mr. Munroe made his comment. So it is sensible to presume that he is the ground why the Lopez sister’s eating house was closed down. Molly Morgan arrives to the town for an interview for a teaching place. During the interview Molly is holding flashbacks about her yesteryear and household members. Her male parent was a going salesman and merely came place twice per twelvemonth. One twenty-four hours Molly’s male parent foliages and ne’er returns. Her female parent assumes he must be dead but Molly and her siblings refuse to believe it. Molly is hired and things are traveling swimmingly until Bert Munroe mentions a farm manus he hired that goes away on imbibing orgies at the school board meetings. Bert describes the adult male precisely how Molly remembers her male parent. She is forced with the possibility that her male parent is still alive and populating in town. Unable to cover with confronting her male parent. Molly believes she has no pick but to go forth the Pastures of Heaven instantly.

Bert Munroe is the dramatic foil character to Molly because he is the ground why Molly left the Pastures of Heaven. Since Bert describes precisely how Molly’s father as she remembers. she can non bare to calculate out if her male parent truly has come back to her life even though her male parent had abandoned her household when she was a kid. Steinbeck introduces another occupant of the Pastures of Heaven named Raymond Banks. He is a successful husbandman and other occupants looked upon his topographic point as the theoretical account farm of the vale. Raymond is friends with the warden at San Quentin Prison and is frequently invited to watch executings. Bert Munroe holding heard about Raymond’s trips to watch captives being hanged asks Raymond if he can fall in him on his following visit. Finally Bert decides he does non desire to fall in Raymond. Later Raymond decides he will non go to the executing himself. The dramatic foil character is Bert Munroe to Raymond because he changed the attitude of Raymond about executings.

Bert made Banks experience self-aware about witnessing executings and did so by merely explicating himself to Raymond approximately why he did non desire to go to the executing. Pat Humbert was raised by parents that gave birth to him at an older age. Upon their deceases. Pat locks up the sitting room from where his parents spent most of their lives and Pat avoids it for old ages. Pat. upon catching a remark made by Mae about how reasonably the exterior of his house looks. decides to reconstruct the sitting room in the house trusting to affect Mae and take it as an chance to hold a relationship with her. Pat. with the room eventually finished. got the bravery to pay Mae a visit and get down his wooing. geting to see that there is a party traveling on. Pat discovers the party is to observe Mae’s battle with Bill Whiteside and is now heart-broken. The ideas of Pat’s parents come back to him and he decides to kip out in the barn. The dramatic foil character is Mae Munroe to Pat because Pat saw Mae as the individual that would assist him bury about his parents.

Once Pat heard the remarks made by Mae. he took it as a opportunity to truly bury about his asleep parents by believing Mae and himself would perchance hold a relationship together. Chapter eleven begins with the history of the Whiteside farm. Richard Whiteside settled in the Pasture of Heaven and dreams to set up a long household line of descent and a productive farm for the future Whiteside coevalss who will populate on the land. Richard’s married woman merely bore him one kid named John. John has the same hopes and dreams as his male parent did. his married woman merely bore him one kid named Bill every bit good. Bill ends up holding different dreams and ends than his male parents and grampss. Bill decides he is traveling to get married Mae Munroe and intends to go forth the Pasture of Heaven. John is non excessively happy about Bill’s ends in life but accepts his determination. John will transport on and work the farm after Bill leaves. One twenty-four hours Bert Munroe convinces John to fire the coppice to acquire all right grazing land following spring. While firing the coppice. John’s house gimmicks on fire.

John accepts that his dreams have now changed and decides to go forth the vale and move in with his boy Bill and new married woman Mae in the metropolis. The dramatic foil character is Bert Munroe to John because he brought up the thought to John to fire the coppice for better farming the undermentioned twelvemonth. This leads to John’s house spliting into fires. But when seeing two coevalss of Whiteside’s firing down. John now knows for certain that his and his father’s dream will ne’er come true. Once once more one of the Munroe household members makes a life altering state of affairs in the Pastures of Heaven. Ultimately. the subject is to ne’er acquire into person else’s concern because you will ne’er cognize what sort of consequence will go on towards that individual. The Munroe household. with good purposes. ever ends up messing everything up and someway makes a life altering state of affairs. In every chapter discussed above. one of the characters ends in a down-fall. All the narratives are connected with a member of the Munroe household. who normally bring evil with them.

If the Munroe household were ne’er in the image there would be a possibility for different terminations to every short narrative. The truth about Shark Wicks could hold remained a secret and his desire for attending and regard from others would hold increased. If Bert had ne’er come out the forenoon Tularecito was looking and inquiring “Where are you. my people” ( 52 ) when delving up holes on Bert’s farm. Tularecito could hold grown up in good custodies with Mr. Gomez. Helen would hold ne’er lost her head and murdered her girl Hilda if Bert ne’er stopped by to give a welcoming salutation. If Mrs. Munroe ne’er tried to donate apparels to Robbie. Robbie would hold ne’er felt ashamed about the manner he lived and would still be populating in the Pastures of Heaven.

If Bert ne’er wanted to explicate his narrative about his drunken ready to hand adult male. Miss Morgan would ne’er hold idea of her male parent coming back to her life and still be the school instructor and be adored by the kids. Banks would hold continued traveling to the executings if it was non for Bert altering his attitude about executings. Pat was eventually happy and would hold stayed that manner if Mae was ne’er engaged. Last. if Bert ne’er brought up the thought of firing the coppice. John’s dreams about holding a long line of descent of Whiteside coevalss perchance would hold come true. Overall the Munroe household are good people that try to assist and make good for others but unluckily stop up making the antonym. Jonathan Estrada- 3B

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