The Path to Peace Begins with Me

When considering the most influential and inspirational people in the world, Martin Luther King Jr. Indeed comes to mind. Respectably, he is possibly the greatest leader due to his prominent role as a civil rights activist and advocacy for peace. His character embodied the most important qualities such as righteousness, courage, compassion, and virtuousness. Throughout his life, he faced obstacles such as prejudice, racism, and other social challenges. Despite risks and anything stacked against him, he persevered through the hardships and has left an unprecedented mark on the world. Undoubtedly, he earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

His work included many movements toward civil rights including boycotts, marches, speeches, and other means of peaceful protest. Notably, his most famous speech “I Have a Dream” discussed the segregation in America and the need for equality and unity among all citizens. Regardless of all of the hate in the world, he put himself in danger for the better of the world. It was these ideals and values that have led him to have an everlasting legacy. To practice nonviolent morals and taking a stance for change allowed those alongside him to effectively reach unimaginable heights to be heard. Without their efforts, today’s world would not be the same.

With Martin Luther King’s extraordinary achievements to revolutionize civil rights, he may serve as an optimal example for those to carry on the journey for combating all injustices. Understanding the difficulties he faced and impact on the world further inspires me to believe in the unobtainable. I would like to challenge myself to always choose peace as an option and carry out the morals Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. has desired and strived for. He alone may not have been able to accomplish all of the work he was able to complete. It was with the help of those who agreed with him to aid in his cause. Therefore, a path to peace should be a common goal for all.

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