The Pentathlon of Ancient Greece

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the Olympic Games held in ancient Greece, various events, point systems, awards and participants.

This paper examines how the ancient Greeks determined who would win the pentathlon, a competition of professional athletes who participated in numerous sporting events in Olympia. The author discusses the Olympiad Games, who was allowed to participate, particular events-javelin, discus, wrestling, etc., festivities, and awards presented to victors.
“An event that was intended to show all-round development was the pentathlon. Five events were included in this activity. They were running, long jumping, discus throw, javelin throw, and wrestling. The exact order of events and the precise method of determining a winner are not known. Wrestling is believed to have been the last event and may have decided the winner of the pentathlon if a participant did not have a clear advantage in the first four events. Historians have somewhat been able, with some degree of certainty, to determine how the winner of the pentathlon was actually decided. If a point system had been employed, as in our modern games, there would be no difficulty in crowning a champion; however, no evidence has been produced to support a point system in the Greek pentathlon. With the absence of such a scoring system, we are able only to present some theories and assumptions about the Greek pentathlon.”

The Pentathlon of Ancient Greece Essay Example

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