The Perfect Blend

5 May 2019

Banana. Spinach. Greek yogurt. Honey. Soy milk. Separate, these ingredients are just average- but blend them together and they form the perfect combination for a smoothie. Like every individual, we all have our own distinctive elements that make up who we are. Success depends on how each is utilized.

Banana. Endurance. Four seasons of tennis, twenty-five mile Ride for the Arts, Tosa Fest 5K run. These challenges have encouraged me to persevere and work harder than I ever thought possible.

The Perfect Blend Essay Example

Spinach. Strength. Becoming an only child after my brother went to school meant stepping up my academics. By raising the bar and putting more time and effort in my education, I was able to fill the gap he left behind.

Greek yogurt. Bold. Whereas regular classes would suffice for most people, AP classes were challenges I dared to take. The rigor of normal high school courses was never enough; I preferred going above and beyond of what was considered average.

Honey. Sweet. “Kristen, you are the sweetest grandchild.” Although she shouldn’t, Grandma always tells me this. Not only do I mow their lawn each week, but I take the time to sit and catch up with them afterwards.

Soy milk. Unique. Being the only vegetarian in my immediate family, I’m the one who has to step out of the box to figure out a complete and nutritious meal without the meat.

Just like the ingredients in a smoothie, each separate trait in a person makes up for whom that individual is. However, having the right blend positions me for even greater achievements.

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