The Perks of Getting a College Degree

In all my years, I’ve never needed any sort of perk or reward to do the work given to me. Of course, like any human, when offered one, I didn’t turn it down. Even without it, I did my best. I can’t think of anything more thrilling to me than seeing a finished product that I have created and can be proud. If offered one hundred million dollars if I got my collegedegree, it would motivate me not for my own personal gain, rather for the gain of the ones I love.

I would go to the college of my choice, study all the things that I’m interested in and love to do. I would not be in any rush to finish my 4 years of learning. My boyfriend and I will be sharing an apartment as we attend the same school. I will hold a part time job, as will he, so that we can pay for our shared expenses, such as food, utilities, etc. We will use the extra money that we have left over to save for a house later or buy any things we have been wanting.

I plan on majoring in computer sciences, getting my bachelors in this subject, then minoring in in voice acting. Eve with the money offered to me, I will still apply to the corporation that inspired me to follow those fields; Riot Games. I will save most of the money that I won with the lottery in a trust fund for my children, if I ever decide to say any. The rest I can use to buy a huge house for us to live in or I will use it pay back my parents for college expenses that they so generously helped me with. This house will be complete with butlers, nice furniture, a pool and anything else you could possibly wish for.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” The love for my own success and ability to follow my dreams is one those loves and if I am wavered, then I may never be able to find a passion like that again. I am here to tell you that, contrary to how most people would just mess around in college and just barely get their degree and fall back on that money, I will use my college experience for it’s purpose and use the money for good and for the benefits of the ones I love and myself.

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