The person everyone wants me to be

2 February 2019

My worst fear is that I will become exactly the person everyone wants me to be. The person who always does everything right. Who always does their best to never upsets anybody. I cringe at the notion of having a nine to five job.

I despise the thought of getting married young and settling down at a relatively early age. I don’t want to make a difference in the world. I don’t want to be my father.I don’t want to major in a degree. And I’d never want to spend Saturdays and Sundays mowing the lawn and doing house work. It would be such a hassle to raise a household of four disobedient children. I’d rather enjoy a basketball game with my friends, not my family.

The person everyone wants me to be Essay Example

And under no circumstances would I give up my tickets to the big game so my kids could go instead of me. And do I have to go to my eight year olds baseball game? I loath having to always take the “high road” and be “the bigger man.” I don’t want to be my father.I object to having the same job for twenty-five years because I hate job security. My father has never a gotten a “B” on a report card in his life, I have already failed that task, but it’s okay because I don’t want to strive for excellence. I disapprove of suburban life and watching my son play Varsity football on Friday nights.What you have just read was a complete and utter lie.

Because the truth is I do want all of these things. I want to go to college, and I want to make perfect grades. I thirst for knowledge to be gained while in college. I want to have nice family that I can raise. I want to be at every single one of my sons baseball games. And I always want people to happy when they see me. I want to be like my father.

Truth is I love my father, and he is the most significant figure in my life. For all the right reasons to, he has never steered me wrong, not once. Honestly, I am not exactly like my father, and I never will be. Soon I will have to lead my own life, make my own decisions, and start my very own family.I still have to strive to be my own separate, independent person, and not exactly like my father. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t learn a lot of things from my father.

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