The Person I Admire Most

2 February 2017

The Person I Admire Most| | The person I admire most is a woman named Francesca. She has an extraordinary job as a secretary in a law firm at Raffles Boulevard.

This job makes high demands on her time. But what astounds me about her is not her job, but her unconditional love for animals. I first got to know her when I visited the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to get a cat. Francesca was there, tending to one of the dogs which had a swollen paw.It was only a tender pup so I approached her to ask about the animal. I became increasingly disgusted as she told me the story of how the puppy was ill-treated. It was a kindly passer-by who took the puppy to the SPCA after realising that its owner ill-treated it.

The Person I Admire Most Essay Example

I then asked if she was a vet and I was surprised to find that she was an SPCA volunteer. I was moved by her devotion to her cause and asked if I could become a volunteer myself.We became good friends as she sat down to give me some details on what it was like helping to look after these loveable animals. Since then, she has inspired me in many ways. I have not only learnt how to thoroughly care for my cat, but my interest and love for animals has grown since meeting her. I find it incredible that despite her busy schedule as a secretary, she still finds the time to go there more than three times a week to see to the animals. Perhaps I will do the same in future, as I only volunteer at the SPCA during the weekends now.


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