The Person I Used to Be

10 October 2018

My life has been a constant cycle of not knowing who I am. I was never quite sure of my identity. I was unsure and I was in doubt. And then, I met him. I knew from then on that my life would never be the same.

About four years ago I met Stefan in my freshman Biology class; He was next to the only seat left in the classroom, so I had no other option then to sit there. Over the course of the year I had grown to like Stefan, his personality, his jokes, all of him, but we only stayed friends. Our friendship was kept loose until the end of junior year. It was the last day of school and my friends and I were going bowling. I invited Stefan along because I still liked him. We spent most of our bowling time just talking to each other and really admitting that we both liked each other and we starting dating. Over the summer I could tell him my problems that I had been going through. He was there for reassurance and advice. I told him that during my sophomore year I had swayed through personal health issues and they were affecting important aspects of my life. My school grades weren’t great and my mother and I were getting into a lot of arguments. Stefan helped me with everything.

My major problems came first. He slowly helped me return to normal and healthy eating habits. It was a long and strenuous process but worth everything. He helped me build self confidence and raise my self-esteem. I can now see myself differently. I am not the weak person I was before. He kept me motivated during the school year and helped me in any classes that I was having trouble in. I brought my GPA up by .2! I had improved so much and I was so proud. Even my mother and I had stopped arguing as much as a result. I was finally solving the mystery of Bianca.

Stefan is a very important person to me and I have learned a lot about who I am. He has helped me develop the person I am today. I have become stronger and more stable. I still have a ways to go in finding my meaning, but for now I’m content with who I am.

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