The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack

8 August 2019

You won’t hear the original Broadway cast’s strong voices, but Gerard Butler and especially newcomer Emmy Rossum supply a breath of fresh air to the beloved classic. The movie focuses on the forte of these voices, which the soundtrack brilliantly captures.

Rossum lifts her voice and her audience’s soul as she flirts with a wide range of notes, especially in her delicate solo “Think of Me.” Her strong, affectionate tone eases us into a comfortable frame of mind.

The strongest and most emotional section on this five-star rated CD is the longest track. Just shy of 13 minutes, “Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer” includes a favorite movie scene – the passionate trio of Christine, her lover Raoul, and the infamous Phantom. Their intensity carries the listener to the movie’s climax, only to release them from the roller coaster of emotion.

Although these new voices may appear a drawback at first to avid fans of the original cast, these criticisms quickly melt with Rossum’s passion, beckoning admirers and quickly dissolving all negativity and the rest of the brilliant new cast.

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