The Philippines And The World Market Essay

9 September 2017

, Research Paper

The Philippines and the World Market

The Philippines is considered to be one of the most westernized

states in Asia. It has strong ties to the United States and the United

States. In fact, It is the lone charter member of the U.N. in all of Southeast


The United States has a really close relationship with the economic system and

civilization of the Philippines. For case, Filipinos have a strong bitterness

toward communistic states. During the cold war, the Philippines supported

America by systematically being hostile toward communist states, and did non

maintain diplomatic dealingss with the Soviet Union or any other communist province.

The United States is the largest foreign consumer of Philippine merchandises.

In many ways the endurance of the Filipino economic system depends on the united States.

We purchase about all of the sugar exports, most of the coconut oil, embellishment,

at least half of the base metals, and a 4th of the timber.

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The United States

supplies most of the Philippine imports of machinery, dairy merchandises, cotton,

documents, drugs, cars and much or the crude oil merchandises. Although

states like Japan, Canada Australi

a, and New Zealand are acquiring more and

more involved in trade with the Philippines, America remains to be the

Philippines most of import trading spouse.

When America acquired the Philippines and established free trade in 1909,

the economic system of the islands was tied to that parent state. As a consequence, the

Philippines became about wholly dependent upon United States markets. Therefore,

America has had a strong influence on non merely the economic system of the Philippines,

but besides the political relations of it.

The United States established a public instruction system in the

Philippines in the early 1900? s. Although they were non American schools they

had many similarities. American instructors were used every bit good as American books.

The instructors besides taught in English. The Filipino authorities is even designed

after the American system and dedicated to democratic procedure.

All in all America has become a really strong influence on the Philippines.

Even though the exterior program was to construct up the Filipino economic system and

authorities so allow them hold their independency, it seems obvious there was a

deeper program to Americanise and economically command the county. Follow the money.


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