The Philosophical Society

4 April 2015
A comparison between Comte’s, Socrates’ and Rousseau’s philosophies on society.

This paper compares and contrasts Comte’s Positivism Theory from his writings in “Great Being Humanity” to Socrates theories from “The Republic”, Machiavelli’s theories from The Prince, and Rousseau’s theories from “A Discourse on Inequality”. The author analyzes these philosopher’s ideals on society and justice and examines the way these ideals differ.
The idea of society and justice has been central to many philosophical discussions. There has not only been great debate in elation to the positivism and natural aspect of the working society. The philosophers discussed below look at the working of justice and society. The starting point for the purpose of this paper is Comte’s theory of positivism. A trend in bourgeois philosophy which declares natural (empirical) sciences to be the sole source of true knowledge and rejects the cognitive value of philosophical study.

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Positivism emerged in response to the inability of speculative philosophy (e.g. Classical German Idealism) to solve philosophical problems which had arisen as a result of scientific development.

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