The Physical And Psychological Effects Of AIDS

8 August 2017

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The Physical And Psychological Effects Of AIDS Essay Example

The world of AIDS has insinuated itself into mundane life and linguistic communication over the past decennary. Though looked at as a alien, AIDS is in our full society ; employment, places, and our intimate relationships. Peoples with the AIDS virus feel trapped and have a desire to interrupt away from the bondage that this atrocious disease has with the individual. However, running from the issue at manus merely makes the job worse. With one? s ain strength and the loving support of others a positive consequence can be attained.

Ignorance is the chief job with AIDS today. Too many people are judgmental about the disease without holding any cognition of its nature. AIDS is a disease caused by the human immune lack virus, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( HIV ) , which destroys one? s natural ability to contend unwellnesss ( Rodger et Al. 498 ) . HIV is the by and large accepted name for the virus, nevertheless, other types have been discovered, the most common being HIV-1. HIV related unwellnesss include the direct effects of the virus and the effects of timeserving infections. When a individual becomes infected with the HIV virus, it causes a dislocation of the organic structure? s immune system. This breakdown lowers the immune system significantly doing the HIV virus to develop into matured AIDS and other harmful unwellnesss such as pneumonia and malignant neoplastic diseases, finally doing decease ( Rodger et Al. 499 ) .

The transmittal of the AIDS virus can happen in assortment of ways, the most common is through unprotected sexual activity. This allows the exchange of bodily fluids between an septic and clean individual, heterosexual or homosexual. Infected endovenous drug users besides transmit the virus through the blood of a shared syringe or other drug gears. The virus can besides be transmitted during a blood transfusion with contaminated blood. The concluding manner of transmittal is from female parent to child, an septic female parent can infect her kid through her chest milk ( Clarke 86 ) .

The window of clip from the day of the month of HIV infection to the development of matured AIDS can be longer than ten old ages. A individual receives a diagnosing of AIDS after one of the timeserving diseases develops. Much has been accomplished sing the cognition of the AIDS virus since its find in the early 1980? s, nevertheless, even as medical interventions become stronger and offer more hope to the victims, AIDS still does non hold a vaccinum to bring around theses victims ( Clarke 92 ) .

With the cognition of holding no lasting remedy, AIDS patients tend to oppugn the unwellness, the people environing them, and besides their ain life. When a individual is enduring in life, they experience physical and psychological menaces. These menaces appear to be stronger than the individual? s ain resources ( Rodger et Al. 501 ) . The obliteration of individualism, the feeling of being overwhelmed by an unmanageable force, is the greatest menace to a human being. The AIDS virus greatly effects the victim? s ego regard, organic structure image, independency, environment, and relationships. AIDS is that unmanageable force that threatens so many people in the universe.

One? s organic structure is their frame of mention, their agencies of look, and a foundation for set uping and keeping relationships. The organic structure is a manner to show ideas, along with a agencies to associate with the universe. When one? s frame of mention is changed, their personality alterations every bit good ( Clarke 87 ) . The AIDS virus besides effects an person? s organic structure independency. A individual? s independency gives bravery and strength to try and achievement of personal ends. The virus makes the victim experience the exact antonym, wholly powerless. Psychological theory explains that people affected by AIDS feel helpless due to trauma, traumatic emphasis reactions, or depression ( Tsasis 555 ) . The victims? interaction with their environment besides causes these feelings of hopelessness. When a individual is good, they are able to command receptiveness to outside stimulations that involves environing information, but an septic individual lacks that control. That sense of control is particularly lost in a infirmary scene. In this environment their universe is altered from a comfy venue to a foreign topographic point. The single no longer has control over where they are placed, with whom, or the adjacent stimulation ( Tsasis 557 ) .

The unwellness drastically alters a individual? s ability to associate to others, doing solitariness and emptiness. The patient is forced to be distant from others because of the contagiousness of the disease and the patients? demand for remainder. Patients are cognizant at times of their solitariness, alth

ough at other times they are unmindful. The differentiation between the two provinces is found through personal contact ; the demand for it, and the ability to accomplish it. A victim of AIDS, when physically and psychologically challenged and weakened, may experience unsupported, even distant from a community where values, ideals, and religion were nurtured and shared. A individual? s outlook is affected by the relationships with others, and besides with the relationship with themselves. Peoples are entitled to hold sentiments of others and themselves. A individual with AIDS inquiries and devaluate their ain dignity, and the value of their ain individualism ( Rodger et Al. 503 ) .

Peoples that have contracted AIDS no longer populate in the right province of head. These victims fight so difficult against this atrocious disease to the point of guilt, rejection, and depression. At times they question the ground of life under this status. To assist ease these feelings patients turn to AIDS-related psychotherapeutics. This therapy gives the patient the pick of contending the fright of life with AIDS or contending the fright of deceasing with AIDS ( Rodger et Al. 504 ) .

An septic individual uses psychotherapeutics to assist cover with life, the unwellness itself, and unluckily in some instances prepare for decease. Death is a world, be it a month or a figure of old ages, of the AIDS virus. HIV-related psychotherapeutics educates, explains of import issues, and prepares the victim for other troubles that arise. The imminency cape of a defect is the foundation for HIV-related psychotherapeutics ( Rodger et Al. 502 ) . Patients who utilize psychotherapeutics are frequently holding great trouble facing the alterations in their lives brought on by the virus.

Psychotherapists employ the cognition and techniques of several schools of therapy. The of import facet is the appraisal and rating of what the demands and so the application of intervention in a adept mode. Psychotherapy requires the septic patient and their household to understand the virus itself, the conventional methods of intervention, and the cognition of crisis intercession techniques ( Clarke 88 ) . The chief ends of psychotherapeutics are to assist the patient program for the hereafter, and to assist get by with the unwellness.

Coping with the unwellness does non bring around the patient, but it allows for the healing of the fury over an unfair universe. The indulgence of fury allows the dissipation subjugation, and credence of the disease. With credence comes the rejection of unhealthy ostentation, and the ability to work through hatred. Bing able to come to footings with the unwellness may non do the individual wholly happy, but the victim will be at peace. At peace with the satisfaction of cognizing that life will go on, and can still be filled with fantastic minutes and beautiful memories.

Once the patient reaches this point of apprehension, the clinical psychologists must move as an agent. The agent enables the patient, who is infected with a socio-politically-loaded chronic unwellness to rejoin society. This is because AIDS patients are like no other. Generally AIDS patients have felt different from other patients of different unwellnesss. Peoples infected with HIV or AIDS feel they have been excluded from society. Many AIDS patients contribute in their ain exclusion by go oning the same feelings of guilt, shame, and discreteness ( Rodger et Al. 501 ) . The ultimate measure in psychotherapeutics is fixing for the approaching events. With the aid of the healers, the patient employs several techniques such as paper-and-pencil end scene, clip lines, or look intoing what undermined end achievement in the yesteryear ( Tsasis 556 ) .

Psychotherapy is non the lone beginning of aid AIDS patients have available to them. Many patients use the love of household and friends, speculation, and a healthy diet and emphasis free life. Although many of these methods of intervention may non salvage the life of a patient, these methods do do the yearss that are left more gratifying. AIDS is a disease, but in no manner should it be shunned on, nor should the victims of AIDS be viewed as castawaies. AIDS and HIV are two hideous diseases that wholly take control of one? s organic structure without consent.

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