The Piano Lesson Essay Research Paper The

8 August 2017

The Piano Lesson Essay, Research Paper

The Lesson of the Piano Lesson

To a individual such as myself I tend to believe that freedom is in the head and non every bit much a physical thing. Chiefly because you can be shackled and imprisoned but they can ne’er take away your dreams, hopes, ideas and aspirations. Those will ever stay with you no affair what occurs to an person. With that said it can be said that Boy Charles did give his life for nil, since we are all free in head we need non the things of our past to state us who we are or to give us way in life.

On the dark of the Fourth of July, 1911 is a dark that ne’er should hold occurred in which the release of the piano from the custodies of a white slave proprietor cost the life of Boy Charles. All that was lost for a piano seems worthless to me. The Piano had merely sentimental value to Boy Charles and in the terminal he is the 1 who would non be able to bask it. He claimed it told his household history but it is he who could hold passed down the household history through word of oral cavity.

Boy Charles should hold realized he had the best of both universes when he decided to steal that piano he was free in head and organic structure non merely one or the other. He wa

s a free black adult male free to make what of all time he wanted in life whether it be to get down a household or move to the North where chances where greater. He came to the uneventful decision that in order to be free he needed the piano, which he did non since we are populating records of the past non a carven piano.

The subject of this novel seems to demo the complexness of African American attitudes in the way of their yesteryear but they must look to their hereafter in order to progress and non maintain looking back The piano seems to function as a symbol for the bequest of their yesteryear, which brought the characters of this play to this point in their lives. So it seems that Boy Charles life was possibly non in vena but without his forfeit it seems that his household may hold ne’er left the South in order to prosecute a better life in Pittsburgh and have hope for the hereafter.

So at that place seems to be valid points to Boy Charles actions but in the terminal it seems he should hold chosen to go forth the piano and get away the South with his life and freedom. There are more of import things than pride in the universe such as household and God. In which both of these can assist you have a brighter hereafter and do something of yourself, which is more than a piano could of all time make.

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