The Pillow Method Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Harmonizing to Shakespear “ All the world’s a phase. And average and adult females simply player” However to be a true participant you must see the phase from others perspective. The pillow method is define in the text. Looking out looking in by Ronald Adler andRusell Proctor II. as a method for understanding an issue from several positions instead than with egoistic “i’m right and you’re incorrect “ attitude. The name of the theory arises from the analogy that a pillow has four sides and a in-between. merely like most issues and jobs. By looking through each side of the job and seeing each issue from each position. one should be able to happen value in another’s position. The pilow method consist of five places. The Disagreement

The dissension in inquiry concerns auto pick. My brother argues that athleticss autos are far better than musculus autos because thay are designed for high velocity drive and manoeuvrability whereas I argue that normally athleticss auto have a smaller engine. and better handling. They’re good for curves and crisp bends. A musculus auto is less about the expressions and more about acquiring the occupation done. It’s better for making high velocities at a consecutive line. It besides has a larger and more powerful engine.

Rendering the Disagreement Harmonizing to the Pillow Method
Since I own a musculus auto ( Dodge charger R/T ) . It was easier for me to explicate to him why I was siding on the side of musculus autos. I was really confident that I was traveling to win this statement and rather frankly I think I did ( self-imposed prophesy ) . The text Looking out Looking in explains in chapter two that “self-imposed prognostications occur when your ain outlooks influence your behaviour. I besides knew that for me to show my instance decently I had to utilize Identity direction. The text Looking out Looking in defines Identity direction in chapter 2 as “ the communicating strategies that people use to act upon how others view them. One of the biggest differences between a athleticss auto and a musculus auto is the engine. Muscle autos have large. powerful engines ; largely V8s or better that gives them the “muscle” in their name. Sports autos. on the other manus. have smaller engines that might still be powerful. but more frequently than non less powerful than that of musculus autos. Muscle autos are associated with bold curves that merely make the autos look like their power is seeking to pouch out of the seams. Sports autos aren’t rather so ruffling. Alternatively. athleticss autos are normally made up of sleek likes that aren’t every bit muscle-like as their powerful opposite numbers. YOU’RE RIGHT. I’M WRONG.

Mukailah 3
At this point I decided to play the devil’s advocator by seting my ain sentiment to rest and take his point of position by using empathy. In chapter 3 of Looking out Looking in. Empathy is defined as “the ability to re-create another person’s position. to see the universe from the other’s point of view” . This was really difficult to make because I felt like I was beliing my ego and this made me look weak in his eyes. Nevertheless. I went through with it saying some facts. It took bravery and subject to carry through this. I stated to him that. For the most portion. athleticss autos were made to stand out around the corners. which is non a great topographic point for most musculus autos. Sports autos have been either Spartan or epicurean. but good handling. minimal weight. and high public presentation are obligatory.

He stressed to me that Sports autos place the highest accent on the merriment factor. great manoeuvrability. superb handling. good braking. low weight. aeromechanicss. every bit good as acceleration and even though they frequently have smaller engines. they manage to be quick by their low weight and fast. agile managing. I emphasized the expensive care cost every bit good as burn more gas than athletics autos. BOTH RIGHT. BOTHvWRONG Ars frequently accelerate more rapidly than At this Juncture. I was more concerned about the similarities every bit good as the drawbacks of both autos. I started by stating him that. both classs of autos are fast and epicurean. They both have good grip and power potency. I besides impressed upon him that. since both autos are public presentation driven ; they are equipped with the most advanced high public presentation brakes. The public presentation of the interruptions about ever is better than those of other typical vehicles. We both agreed on this point since public presentation autos are critiqued based on their ability to halt under peculiar sum of clip and distance it takes for it to halt.

On the other manus. I started turn toing the common drawbacks. They both inherently require more care than their opposite numbers and besides due to the bigger engine size in both modern musculus and athleticss autos they consume/ burn gas faster. He stress understanding to both points without vacillation. I concluded this portion saying that both category of rich person could potentially pull high insurance premium and parts could be difficult to come by particularly since most of them are foreign autos. IT ISN’T IMPORTANT WHICH POSITION IS RIGHT OR WRONG

This place was the easiest portion of the procedure because at this point we both knew and agreed on the common similarities and drawbacks of both classs of autos. I stressed the fact that our dissension was non that importance since most people can’t even acknowledge the difference between a athleticss and a musculus auto because they have so much in common. He so said that we could hold talked about more of import things such as investing chances. I giggle and said to him good. you know. that is what we were discoursing and for some ground we ended up reasoning about autos. At this point. I knew I was successful with the application of the pillow method. THERE IS TRUTH IN ALL FOUR PERSPECTIVES

Normally when I’m involved in an statement with a individual. I tend to be angry with them when they refuse to understand or see things from my position and this in bend thrusts me to reciprocate the gesture. We automatically stumbled into this stage of the pillow method as a consequence of successful completion of stage 4. We both realized that our relationship as household is genuinely of import and to keep positiveness and regard for each other was overriding. We both recognized that each position had truth and virtues. which led to less concern for single ideas and shifted focal point to collective apprehension and via medias.

At the terminal of the exercising. I told my brother O give me feedback on the statement that we had and he said. he felt that I handled it better than I usually do. I so professed to him that I was practising the pillow method on him. We both agreed on how this method gave us new penetration every bit good as develop empathy towards another person’s state of affairs. This method is a great manner to heighten effectual communicating.

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