The Plague ( Albert Camus )

4 April 2015
Examines the novel’s characters, plot, themes and symbolism.

In The Plague, Albert Camus inflicts the plague of the title on a group of people in the town of Oran, and this infestation becomes an event that tests the mettle of different people and shows how they survive under this sort of pressure. The plague is a life or death matter, and its presence forces the people of the town to face not only their fears for themselves but their willingness to help others. The plague becomes another instance in Camus’s work showing the indifference of the universe toward man’s existence, and in this way Camus emphasizes the absurd nature of human life, which is ultimately deemed pointless because it ends in death. How people live becomes a measure of the value of their existence, and this is the issue to be considered with reference to Dr. Rieux. He failed to take sufficient action to prevent Cottard from engaging in criminal …

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