The Plant Closure Essay Sample

10 October 2017

To the employees and staff of the Normal Plant:

Good twenty-four hours!

During the last three old ages of our company’s operation. our net incomes and stock lists have increased to a important degree that we are now able to prolong our long-run production procedure that will advance the stableness for our company’s standing. However. it has been decided by our company’s board of executive and investors to implement an attack that will expeditiously maximise our usage of resources and investings for our production rhythm. Therefore. upon the receival of this notice until the following six months. our company’s works operations will be consolidated in one production installation viz. the freshly operational works in Moline.

This consolidation attack is an effort to better our company’s plus direction and production quality by taking advantage of the promotion of our newest production installation. Consolidation all of our production procedure in the extremely advanced and technological progress installations in the said works is expected to upgrade our merchandise quality and the efficiency of our procedures. Other operations peculiarly in Normal Plant is determined to be extremely expensive for the company therefore must be sacrificed to accomplish our end of production development.

With the blessing of the consolidation procedure. the operations of Normal Plant will get down to be phased out reassigning most of its production to the Moline Plant. In this facet. many of the workers and employees of the said works will be given chance to reassign to the Moline Plant nevertheless. non all. The employee and worker transportation to the Moline Plant will be subjected to testing and rating merely forces with competent work records with our company. Details pertinent to this affair will be given over the following few months on an single footing.

For employees that will non be transferred in the consolidation. hebdomad rupture wage will be given based on the continuance of the service of the person to the company. Details sing this calculation will be given over the following few months but non subsequently than the works closing.

For farther notice and informations sing this affair. the direction will posts updates over the undermentioned hebdomads. The procedure of reassigning employees will be initiated get downing the following hebdomad together with the execution of the six-month consolidation process.

Thank you really much for your cooperation.



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